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anCnoc Twitter Tasting with WhiskyBrother

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I love twitter tastings.  It is an opportunity to taste really interesting whiskies.  Imagine my delight when Whisky Brother sent out a tweet asking people who are interested in an anCnoc twitter tasting to email him.  My email was sent in a flash!  Twitter tastings are fun makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. And this WhiskyBrother anCnoc Twitter Tasting is going to be something really special.  Not only will we have the opportunity to try the 12 yo, but also the 18 yo and the 24 yo. 

Joining the anCnoc Twitter tasting are whisky enthusiasts from all over South Africa.  From aficionados Bernard G and Hardy M in Cape Town, to qualified International Chef Lesego and our whisky friend Paul S in Johannesburg, there were 11 people all over SA partaking in this twitter tasting.  Even the official anCnoc all the way from the UK joined in the fun.  We used the #anCnocWB for this anCnoc Twitter tasting.

The Knockdhu distillery was built in May of 1893 and opened in 1894.  It was situated close to a spring on Knock Hill’s souther slope which was of outstanding quality.  It was quite modern for its time, it had a  state of the art 16 horse power steam engine.   To avoid confusion with the similarly named Knockando distillery, the whisky from Knockdhu distillery is branded as anCnoc. anCnoc means “the Knock hill” in Gaelic. 

It is situated in the small village of Huntly in Aberdeenshire in Scotland.  anCnoc might sit on the border of Speyside, but they see themselfs as a Highland whisky.  The general anCnoc characteristics include a soft, floral Speyside nose, however the taste is in keeping with a Highland style – complex, sweet with lemon & honey.

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anCnoc Twitter Tasting #anCnocWB

anCnoc 12 yo

anCnoc Twitter tasting 12 yo

Matured in a carefully selected combination of second fill American oak, ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks.  The anCnoc 12 yo is bottled at 43%.  It retail for R640 at Whiskybrother.

COLOUR: Gentle amber with a slight yellow hue

NOSE: Rich, sweet, wild flowers, honey, lemon, stewed fruit, barley. 

PALATE: Sweetness balanced with spice.  More spice on palate than on nose. Fruit, winter spice green notes, lemon, hard candies, fruit salad and melons,  well balanced and approachable.  Smooth, even without water.  I finished the dram before I thought of adding a bit of water, it is so nice!  Adding water makes is VERY easy drinking.  

FINISH: Medium length,  oak with hints of spice and sweetness.

anCnoc 18 yo 

anCnoc Twitter tasting 18 yo

The anCnoc 18yo is matured initially in 1st and 2nd fill American oak ex-bourbon casks with further maturation in 1st fill Spanish oak ex-sherry butts. Non-chill filtered, naturally coloured and bottled at 46%.The anCnoc 18 yo retails for R1 590 at Whiskybrother

COLOUR: Bronzed amber, copper

NOSE: Very different from the 12 yo.  Nose has dark chocolate, vanilla, oranges, spices, leather and dried fruit.  Not as honey sweet as the 12 yo, but richer and creamier with more fudge and burnt sugar notes.

PALATE: Full-bodied and bold, hints of spices, vanilla, citrus, fruitcake, pepper, honey and caramel.  Rich and delicious with warming cinnamon and nutmeg.  

FINISH: A long finish with warming pepper and chilli spice, lemon drops and faint hints of dark chocolate.

anCnoc 24 yo

anCnoc Twitter tasting 24 yo

The anCnoc 24 yo is matured in American oak ex-sherry casks then a period of further maturation in first fill Spanish oak, ex-sherry butts. Non-chill filtered, naturally coloured and bottled at 46%.  It pours thickly, nearly like a maple syrup.  This expression retails for around R 2 320 at Whisky Brother.

COLOUR:  Vintage amber – rich like a maple syrup.

NOSE:  WOW!  Dense, sweet and spicy with Christmas cake, toffee, vanilla and the ever present anCnoc honey and lemony characteristics. Baked apples and marmalade, hints of oak and pancakes.

PALATE: Big and bold!  Spiciness balanced with fresh orange slices, warm honey & worn leather.  Hints of stewed summer fruit, toasted oak, cinnamon and pepper spice. Silky and warming, a bit mouth full and perfect for winter!

FINISH: Long and lingering, gentle spice, sweet baked citrus, charred oak, and honey.

Each of these whiskies are special.  The 12 yo is easy drinking, affordable and perfect for spring and summer.  The 18 yo with its chocolaty notes is made for lazy autumn sunsets and long walks while the leaves turn orange, yellow and red.  The 24 yo is rich, heavy and decadent for winter.  Perfect next to a camp fire, warming you up while you listen to the quiet of the night and perhaps the distant roar of a lion.

Thank you WhiskyBrother for including me in this tasting.  What a special experience.  The 18 yo and the 24 yo is exclusively available through WhiskyBrother.

All photos courtesy of WhiskyBrother.

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  1. Hardy

    Thanks so much for interacting online and for the mention! Like you, love the Twitter tastings.

    • Jeannette Wentzel

      Thank you for stopping by Hardy. Have a great week. J

  2. Paul

    Such a great article and thank you for the mention, Jeannette. It was a fantastic tasting and I hope you have many more.

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