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Every year we take turns doing something special for Valentines day.  This year Valentines Day falls on a Friday and it is Jeannette’s turn to plan something special. I have looked around for something unique to give to John for Valentines day and found a recipe that combined Johns favorite food (pork) and his favorite drink (whisky).  The recipe was for Bourbon Bacon & Maple Jam.

There are many Bourbon Bacon and Maple jam recipes available online, but the one I liked most was from Kevin at Closet Cooking.  It combines the salty, smoky, spicy and sweet ingredient notes to create a wonderful condiment.  The recipe is available here.

Bourbon Bacon & Maple Jam

Bourbon bacon & Maple Jam
I used Maker’s Mark Bourbon and some chipotle peppers we found at our local Super Spar. Chipotle peppers are not well-known in South Africa. We first tasted them on a  visit to the USA. Since then we have been hooked on the smokey flavour. If we are fortunate enough to find some in one of our local food stores we buy it immediately as it never goes to waste in our house.  There is something irresistible about the smell of bacon grilling.

In our house we usually grill some bacon for breakfast over weekends. It is a smell we associate with relaxing times and weekends. Combing this bacon deliciousness with Bourbon early in the morning, is enough to make me very hungry.

Bourbon bacon & Maple Jam
This is the Bourbon Bacon and Maple Jam end product before being whizzed in the food processor.  The smell is amazing. I can’t wait for it to cool down a bit to taste.  After the food processor, a quick taste again before bottling it for gifting.  Now it needs to be put far away to make sure there are still some left over for Valentines day.

Bourbon bacon & Maple Jam
It is so tasty that it is difficult to stop eating.  This Bourbon Bacon and Maple Jam will definitely make a special Valentines day gift for any bacon and whisky loving person. I think that John is going to enjoy his Valentines gift on Friday.  Only thing left to do is to get our daughter to make him a Valentines card and then we are all set.

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