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Old Fashioned Cocktail with Scottish Leader

Old Fashioned cocktail with Scottish Leader Original

A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate to be part of the Glenfiddich Most Experimental Bartender competition as a judge. The winning bartender was Michael Stephenson from the Lucky Shaker and I had the opportunity to chat to him about inspiration and cocktails. He mentioned that his favourite cocktail is an Old Fashioned and that got me thinking. Exactly where is this famous cocktail from and how difficult is it to make for myself?

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Don Andy: Don Pedro with Three Ships 5yo

Don Andy Don Pedro with Three Ships 5 yo

It was a special treat to go out for dinner as a student. If you still had enough money left over at the end of the meal, the dessert choice was always a Don Pedro.  I assumed that Don Pedro is a standard dessert throughout the world. It is only when I started traveling abroad that I realised, it is not known outside of our beautiful country. Asking for a Don Pedro in Amsterdam was met with much bewilderment. I tried again in Paris in broken French and sign language, and my request was met with frowns and growls. I did not even try when I arrived in Moscow. To me, whisky and ice cream was a natural fit. For the rest of the world, not so much…

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Coffee with a kick – Bourbon Coffee

Bourbon Coffee Evan Williams Kentucky Bourbon

Coffee – the magic beans that get me going in the morning. I love coffee. What smells nicer than opening a bag of freshly ground coffee beans and inhaling deeply?   No wonder it is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Coffee has been the magic bean getting people going for a long long time.  There is evidence of coffee drinking around the middle of the 15th century in Yemen.  Small artisanal coffee roasters have sprung up everywhere, offering their special blend of the roasted magic bean. According to some research there are more than 150 independent coffee roasters in South Africa. That is a lot of magic.

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Celebrate Spring with a Nectarine Bourbon Smash

spring bourbon heritage month nectarine bourbon smash

What do you get when you combine Spring in the Southern hemisphere with Bourbon Heritage Month in the Northern hemisphere? Lots of bourbon! Cocktails to celebrate Spring with and bourbon food pairings to try. What an amazing month!  Lets start Spring off with a delicious Nectarine Bourbon Smash.  A fresh easy way to start celebrating.

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Colourful Valentine’s Day cocktails!

Valentine's Day

Between the ‘Back to School’ ads and just before the Easter Eggs , there is one of my LEAST favourite “commercial” days – Valentine’s Day. The price of flowers goes up, the price of chocolates and champagne goes up and the shops are filled with red and pink hearts and soppy messages. There is so much pressure! With all this commercial pressure, it feels like we loose the important point of just having fun.   And Valentine’s Day should be fun!

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