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Boozy Apple Pie with Bain’s Whisky

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I love Pinterest.  It is a treasure trove of inspiration.  I can spend day’s just looking at food and cocktail inspiration.  I turned to Pinterest for inspiration for my next Boozy Dessert.  After the Malibu Rum Panna Cotta and the Whisky Tiramisu, I was looking for something different for February.

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Boozy Dessert: Coconut Panna Cotta with Malibu Rum

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In December I started with a series on Boozy Desserts with my Tiramisu with whisky recipe.  This recipe proved to be very popular.  Also, towards the end of 2017 Backsberg Winery invited several food and wine bloggers to join in a #MyBacksbergRecipe campaign. The goal was to create the ultimate recipe to pair with the Pinotage Rosé.

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Boozy Dessert: Tiramisu with whisky

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A couple of Saturdays ago, I met up with some friends who are all bloggers.  They blog about all kinds  of topics.  From parenting and food to beauty and lifestyle.  It was a great morning where we could all catch up and talk a bit about blogging.  The venue was the very cool State 5 Fourways. A child friendly venue but we all left out kids at home.  It was time for just us. 

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Whisky and Wensleydale cheese pairing

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These past couple of weekend I have been testing a lot of whisky and cheese pairings again.  After the craziness that was June and July, weekends have slowed down and lefts some space for experimenting. Sitting back, grabbing a few whiskies, opening up some interesting cheese and in general just relaxing a bit.   I tried a goats cheese and bourbon pairings, but that elicited a rather negative response from John. 

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Whisky and Wyke Bonfire Cheese pairings

Wyke Bonfire Cheese whisky pairing header

I have not done a whisky and cheese pairing for ages.  I have been savoring all the old favourites, so it is high time I try something again. The Wyke cheese selection at Checkers is amazing.  The mature cheddar is a firm favorite in our house and regularly paired with the peatier drams.  A couple of weeks ago I found a Wyke Bonfire cheese which is a smoked mature cheddar with paprika.  It sounded rather delicious, so I decided, this is the perfect cheese to experiment with. 

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