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Whisky & Royal Ashton cheese pairing

Whisky and Royal Ashton Cheese pairing

In 1993, quotas was imposed on milk production and this forced Eckhard Leicher from La Montanara to look for a new way of selling the surplus milk. He attended a cheese making course and started making cheese on a small-scale. In 1999, the cheesery was upgraded and today the cheese making business has taken over from  farming.

La Montanara is situated at the foot of the Langeberg mountains, between Ashton and Swellendam. This region, has a micro climate ideally suited for dairy-farming.

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Whisky & Etorki Cheese Pairing

Etorki cheese whisky pairing

Lately Woolworth has sold some strange but interesting cheeses. I am not sure what drives the demand for these wonderful but rather exotic cheeses, but I am not complaining. Having the variety available is wonderful.  I found an Etorki cheese, something I have never seen before.

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How to plan the ultimate whisky & Cheese for dessert

Whisky and Cheese for Dessert

You love cheese. You love whisky. Over the weekend, a few like-minded friends are coming over for dinner. Why not try a small whisky cheese pairing to end the meal! Whisky and Cheese for dessert!  It is a great way to end a meal. Especially in winter.  Whisky is a great accompaniment to food and pairs wonderfully with cheese. End your dinner party on something different. Be bold and experiment.

However, the choices are overwhelming. There are so many cheeses and whisky available. How do you put the right dessert pairing together? How you do pair perfectly on a budget?  Today, I will do an easy Step by Step guide on setting up a dessert whisky and cheese platter. With easy to find cheeses and a few versatile whiskies that will pair nicely with the cheese.

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Whisky & Roydon Camembert

Roydon Camembert whisky pairing

A few weeks ago, we came across a Fairview Roydon Camembert cheese at Woolworths. We loved the Camembert and whisky pairing we tried last year. Having never tried a Roydon, it landed in our basket. Made with cows’ milk and a dash of goats’ milk, the Roydon Camembert is produced in the traditional French method. The goats’ milk gives it a farmhouse flavour. Roydon Camembert ripens from the outside towards the middle. This Fairview Roydon Camembert has won numerous prizes in the World Cheese Awards.

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Whisky & Creamy Lancashire Cheese pairing

Creamy Lancashire Cheese whisky pairing

The other day I read that there are over 700 named British cheeses produced in the UK. What an amazing number. Add to that all the Dutch, Swiss, French, German and USA unique cheese and you have an endless list of cheese possibilities. The range in South Africa is limited. We do still manage to find great options when we look for it. This week, John came home with a Creamy Lancashire from Woolworths. A couple of weeks ago we found a delicious Red Leicester.

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