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Whisky & Roydon Camembert

Roydon Camembert whisky pairing

A few weeks ago, we came across a Fairview Roydon Camembert cheese at Woolworths. We loved the Camembert and whisky pairing we tried last year. Having never tried a Roydon Camembert, it landed in our basket. Made with cows’ milk and a dash of goats’ milk, the Roydon Camembert is produced in the traditional French method.

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Whisky & Creamy Lancashire Cheese pairing

Creamy Lancashire Cheese whisky pairing

The other day I read that there are over 700 named British cheeses produced in the UK. What an amazing number. Add to that all the Dutch, Swiss, French, German and USA unique cheese and you have an endless list of cheese possibilities. The range in South Africa is limited. We do still manage to find great options when we look for it. This week, John came home with a Creamy Lancashire from Woolworths. A couple of weeks ago we found a delicious Red Leicester.

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Whisky & Red Leicester Cheese pairing

Red Leicester Cheese whisky pairing

Our whisky cheese pairing experiments are enjoyable. We love hunting down interesting cheese and reading up on it and then try to find whisky that will work. It leads to a lot of failures. My database of what does not work, is bigger than the list of what works. But it does not matter. For each tasting, we sit down, have some laughs, try some whisky and just have fun. What better way to spend a late Saturday afternoon?  On Friday I found a delicious looking Red Leicester at Checkers.

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Ile de France Brie cheese and whisky pairing

Whisky and brie cheese pairing header

After a relaxing holiday, 2016 started with  new opportunities.  And a chance to try out more whisky and cheese pairings. During December 2015, Checkers brought out a  new cheese brochure, which I read from end to end. It had all kinds of amazing cheese ideas and I kept it for further inspiration. The front page had a picture of the cutest little Ile de France Brie cheeses. You might say that Brie cheese should not be described as cute, but when you see these little delicate Ile de France morsels, you would agree.

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Just in time for celebrations: Clover cheese whisky pairings!

whisky and clover Cheese platter header

I have known Marietjie since University. There we shared many a bottle of whisky around a badly lit kitchen table, solving the world’s problems. Today she is a successful career woman and mom and works as the National Key Account Manager for Clover SA.  About a month ago, I saw her for drinks and she had a big complaint.

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