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Lets try a Rye and Milk Chocolate pairing

Rittenhouse Rye and milk Chocolate pairing cadbury milk chocolate 3

What a tough job I have.  Trying out whisky and chocolate pairings so that I have something to blog about.  Dirty job, I know.  Last year introduced me to Rye whisky. Jim Murray choose a Canadian Crown Royal Rye whisky as his Whisky of the Year and the world sat up and noticed.  

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Whisky Chocolate pairing 2017 Edition

Whisky chocolate pairing 1027 edition header

Welcome 2017!  The end of an old year and a new beginning.  For me, 2017 started with a bang. Or rather the sound of a small firework war as the neighbourhood set off (illegal)  firework after firework.  I stood  on the patio, with a view of the horizon, while watching hundreds of fireworks greet the New Year.  My poor dogs were dozed up on Rescue Remedy and sleeping soundly.  The noisy fireworks woke my 5 yo, who also joined me for the free display. But before all the colorful and noisy fireworks, we had a few taste explosions of our own.

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Oreos shared with a Scottish Cousin

Oreos paired with whisky Scottish Cousin 8 yo

The year was 1912. The year started off on a busy note. In January John Langalibalele Dube founded the ANC in Bloemfontein. In April the Titanic struck an iceberg in the Atlantic and sunk. During the same year the Girl Scout were founded, the first parachute jump from a flying plane happened and Casimir Funk identified vitamins.  It was also the year that the National Biscuit Company (today known as Nabisco) launched Oreo cookies.

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When Caramello meets Monkey Shoulder

Dairy Milk Caramello chocolate paired with a Monkey Shoulder Blended malt whisky

I have a sweet tooth. It is one of my biggest weaknesses. John’s weakness is potato chips. I would buy a packet for the weekend and before I can even open it, it’s finished. He walks past it and it disappears. Like a vacuum cleaner. Me, it is chocolate. Now you see it and poof it is gone. Yummy in my tummy. After the success of my Bourbon and Snicker pairing, I decided to do a chocolate and whisky theme for October.

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Whisky Truffles two ways: Moroccan or Peated

Whisky truffles header

A chocolate truffle is a type of chocolate confectionery, traditionally made with a chocolate ganache coated in chocolate or cacao. Truffles are usually rounded shapes.  There are a few legends about where they come from. It seems that truffles were first made between 1890 and the 1920s. According to my favourite legend, truffles, like many other great discoveries, happened by accident.

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