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Making a bad day, better: Snickers & Bourbon

Snickers & Bourbon whisky pairing Jim Beam Black

Continuing with the Bourbon Heritage month theme, I was looking around for a few interesting bourbon food paring ideas, when I came across an article that recommend pairing a bourbon with a Snicker. Wait… What? A super sweet Snicker bar paired with sweet bourbon. Would this not be an overly sweet affair? I was unsure if this pairing would make a blue Monday better or worse.

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Whisky Chocolate Pairings New Years Eve – 2016

Whisky Chocolate pairing NYE 2016

For the last 7 years, we don’t go out for New Years Eve. We stay at home.  We watch the fireworks from the patio and try some interesting whisky chocolate pairings.  This is our idea of a perfect New Years Eve celebration. Ending an old year and starting a new year with a few great whisky chocolate pairings.   In October already, we start to look around for interesting chocolates to pair with whisky. Ok… who am I kidding… buying and tasting chocolate in October for New Years Eve is actually just an excuse to eat chocolates in October already.

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Whisky Chocolate Pairing – New Years Eve 2015

Whisky chocolate NYE 2015

Every year, for the last 5 years, on New Years Eve we do a Whisky Chocolate Pairing. The process starts in November when we start looking around for interesting chocolates.  When we have found some, we try to match the tasting notes of the chocolate with the tasting notes of the whisky.

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Whisky Chocolate Pairing – New Years Eve 2014

Whisky chocolate NYE 2014

Traditionally on New Years Eve we do a Whisky Chocolate Pairing. It has been a tradition on our house for the last couple of years. Choosing the whiskies for our New Years Eve 2014 was quite difficult, as we tasted some wonderful whiskies this year. We chose the whisky chocolate pairing below after much deliberation and the choice is based on our shared and personal favourites.

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