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New: Daniel Wellington Classic Petite + PROMO CODE

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Since its discovery about 5 000 years ago, silver has been regarded as valuable. This shiny precious metal, first mined in Turkey, have continued to mesmerize human beings over time. It was easily mined, fairly plentiful and non reactive enough to use as coinage, but rare enough to have, and keep, its value. Silver is ductile and can be stretched into a strand thinner than a human hair.  It is malleable and loved by artists for its ability to be shaped into amazing art.

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An afternoon with Jack Daniel’s & Woodford Reserve

Jack Daniel's function header

The invite said Bar Ber Black Sheep…  My first thought … spelling error?  The song is BaBa black sheep.  But Google quickly corrected me and directed me to Rosebanks’ new hip and happening spot.  Park Corner, a  new development on the corner of Jan Smuts Avenue and Bolton Road in Johannesburg.  A barber and a bar combined.   A place to meet up with some friends and get a haircut.  All in 1 afternoon.  Quirky, but quite cool.  The function was the American Whisky tasting and food pairing experience with Brown Forman’s American Whiskey ambassador Cam Dawson together with Jack Daniel’s and Woodford Reserve. 

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anCnoc Twitter Tasting with WhiskyBrother

anCnoc Twitter tasting WhiskyBrother header

I love twitter tastings.  It is an opportunity to taste really interesting whiskies.  Imagine my delight when Whisky Brother sent out a tweet asking people who are interested in an anCnoc twitter tasting to email him.  My email was sent in a flash!  Twitter tastings are fun makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. And this WhiskyBrother anCnoc Twitter Tasting is going to be something really special.  Not only will we have the opportunity to try the 12 yo, but also the 18 yo and the 24 yo. 

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Netflorist Valentine’s Day Gift ideas

Netflorist Valentine's Day header

I love Netflorist.  Well perhaps I need to rephrase that. John, my husband, loves Netflorist.  John travels frequently and as Murphy’s Law would have it, his travel frequently fall over Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or our wedding anniversary.  He can’t always plan his travel. However, he is well aware  that he has to make up for not being there on special days.  So he loves Netflorist. For obvious reasons, I call it Netflorist Valentine’s Day!  He logs in, places a quick order and then goes on his travels without worrying.  He knows that flowers, chocolates or gifts, appropriately pretty and luxurious will arrive at the house on time. 

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New Year’s Resolution – More whisky

New Year's Resolution 2017 header

It is that time of the year where everyone starts new, fresh and full of energy.  December gave me some time to relax and regroup after a busy 2016 and what better way to start 2017 with a New Year’s resolution. However, as time goes on and life gets in the way, you forget your resolution.  By end of February, any news years resolution is long forgotten.  The gym is a good example.  In January, you can’t get an open bike / machine/ walker for love or money.  By the end of February, there are a few open spaces and by June… lots of space.

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