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Winner: Whisky of the Year 2016 Edition

 2016 Whisky of the Year Edition winner

One of the last things I do on the blog for each year is choose my top whisky for the year.  I take a look at all the whiskies that was rated Divine and through a blind taste test, I find who is the ultimate winner – my Whisky of the Year.  I have tried some amazing drams over the years.  And this year is no exception.  During this year, there has been wonderful whiskies that left a smile on our faces but also a few that had me reach for the antacids. 

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Top 5 Single Malts 2016 Edition (under R750)!

top 5 single malts 2016 edition-under-r750

Following on from my post last week on the Top 5 Blends 2016 edition, I have worked hard to define my Top 5 Single Malts 2016. I have tasted a considerable variety of whiskies in order to sort the good from the bad, the cheap from the tasty. Keeping it under R500 for the single malts have become impossible. With the decline in the currency and the general increase in single malt prices, I had to lift the price point to around R750. But fear not, there are many delicious Single malts at this price point. So, are you looking for a gift for your boss? You want to impress someone but not break the bank? Look no further, to my Top 5 Single Malts 2016 Edition. All available under R750.

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Top 5 Blends 2016 Edition (under R500!)

top 5 blends 2016 edition-under R500

It is nearly December and that means time for my Top 6 Blends 2016 Edition. This is the third year that I do my popular post on delicious affordable drams to buy. Same as last year, these are all drams I have tasted and really liked. You can with confidence, buy these drams as a gift for someone special or for yourself.   Making shopping easier, one whisky at a time.

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Walsh Whiskey Twitter Tasting

welsh whiskey twitter-tasting-hearder

It started with the desire to consistently create the perfect Irish Coffee.  It grew into a distillery creating various whisky releases, including the Irishman and Writer’s Tears.  And I was fortunate to taste a few of the Walsh Whiskey expressions in The Whisky Wire’s 99th Twitter Tasting.  Twenty tasters from all around the globe got the opportunity to taste 4 interesting Walsh Whiskey releases, all created because the Walsh family had a dream to leave a whisky legacy of excellence.

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Christmas Gift guide: For the whisky lover

whisky lover header gift guide

It is that  time of the year again. Everyone is looking around for Christmas gift ideas. Trying to find that perfect gift for that special someone. Or, after a hard year, perhaps you are looking for something to spoil yourself with. Something different. Do you love whisky?  Do you want to buy something for someone who is a whisky lover?  I have drawn up a list of 6 great whisky accessories you can add to your own or your loved ones stocking. Whisky accessories that will enhance their, or your own, whisky drinking experience. The gifts are all available online, so even if you live in Polokwane, Pietermaritzburg or Postmasburg, you can get it delivered.

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