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Bourbon Heritage Month: Slate Blended Bourbon

Slate blended bourbon Distilling Co Chicago

To kick of Bourbon Heritage Month on tastings I try a Slate Blended Bourbon.  This one is a budget bourbon again. And after my last 2 budget bourbon experiments, I attempt this one with some level of trepidation. I tried both the Heaven Hill Old Style and the Evan Williams Kentucky Bourbon and needless to say, they will be part of our collection for a long time to come. For no other reason that it is going to be difficult to finish the bottles. I found the Slate Blended Bourbon in one of the smaller bottle stores that I visit.   The amount of information on this brand, distillery, age and origin is so limited that I needed to scroll to the 4th page on Google before finding anything worth while… Let’s just say, I have a few antacid ready next to my tasting glass, just for in case.

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Is Jack really a gentleman? Gentleman Jack

Jack Daniel's Gentleman Jack Tennessee Whiskey

We got this bottle of Gentleman Jack as a gift from someone about a year ago, and it is certainly time that I open and try it. I have tasted the Jack Daniel’s Old No 7 before and gave it a Very Good rating. Certainly not our favourite dram, but it will do in a pinch (perhaps a very tight pinch, but it will do). Will this premium version of Tennessee whiskey impress us more?

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Evan Williams Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey

Evan Williams Kentucky bourbon whiskey

We have been exploring all kinds of whisky / whiskey / bourbon over the last couple of years. We started out with the ‘strictly’ Scottish Single Malts and Blends and then moved to world whiskies. Both Blends and Single Malts. We have tasted our way around the globe with some wonderful drams. From India, Taiwan to South Africa, Europe and Australia. From there we moved over to the Kentucky Bourbons and Tennessee whiskies. I have a sweet palate and have fallen in love with the sweeter bourbon notes. A good bourbon choice is not always readily available in South Africa and with the collapse of our currency, the available selection is getting even smaller. So this week, lets try the Evan Williams Kentucky Straight Bourbon.

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Straight from the American Frontier: Bulleit Bourbon

Bulleit Frontier Bourbon whiskey

Bulleit Bourbon was inspired by a 150 year old family recipe created by founder, Tom Bulleit’s, great-great-grandfather Augustus Bulleit. The original recipe was for a rye whiskey made with 2/3 rye and 1/3 corn. It was produced between 1830 and 1860 in Louisville, Kentucky. The younger Bulleit first served in the US Marine Corps and then went to Law School. But he always dreamt of recreating his ancestor’s recipe. In 1987, he created a small batch bourbon, bearing the family name. To make sure it is a true bourbon, he’s adjusted the mash bill to 68% corn, 28% rye and 4% malted barley.

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Spaghetti Western Bourbon: Heaven Hill Old Style

Heaven Hill Old style bourbon whiskey

With the fall of the South African Rand against most currencies, our little hobby is becoming expensive. So image my surprise when a few days ago, I walked past a liquor shop that had some “bargain bourbon”. At about R150 and in a glass bottle, this looked really interesting. I was however skeptical about the quality. I first went to visit Google. Just to see if I am buying a real bargain or a cheap knock off. Turns out, this no age statement, screw top Heaven Hill is apparently not too bad. According to my research, it will not win international prizes for complexity but it is apparently drinkable and affordable.

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