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Oban Distiller’s Edition whisky

Oban Distiller's Edition whisky header

A stone’s through from the sea, right in the heart of the town of Oban, sits the Oban Distillery. Established in 1794 by two brothers on the site of an old brewery, Oban town grew around the distillery and today, Oban is one of the last few surviving urban distilleries. Oban is part of the Diageo stable and the Oban 14 yo is part of the Diageo Classic Malt Series. It is one of Diageo’s smaller distilleries and uses water from Loch Glenn a’Bhearraidh. But today we are tasting the Oban Distiller’s Edition.  

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Port Charlotte Special Reserve Private Cask

Port Charlotte special reserve 10 yo whisky header

Every now and again, I manage to get my hands on a private cask bottling release. Be it via WhiskyBrother and one of their special single cask bottlings or via friends traveling.   The Whisky Brother releases are legendary and we are waiting with bated breath for what is coming out this year. At the end of 2016, John came home with this bottle of Port Charlotte Special Reserve Private Cask bottling. It is 10 yo matured in Sherry Casks. He received it as a gift from one of his colleagues. FC knows how much we love whisky and arranged us this bottle.

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Glenfiddich Gran Reserva 21 yo whisky

Glenfiddich Gran Reserva single malt whisky

John got this bottle of 21 yo Glenfiddich Gran Reserva as a gift and I decided why not. Lets end this year on an old note. We stared this year with the Three Ships PX cask. We will start next year with the Three Ships Pinotage Cask.  But first, I end 2016 on a high note with the Glenfiddich Gran Reserva finished in Caribbean Rum casks.

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Checkers Private Barrel Co No 41 Whisky

Checkers Private Barrel Co No 41 Single Malt whisky

One of the hardest things to do is to build a whisky collection on a budget. With an increase in demand and a hunger for aged drams, whisky prices has been going through the roof and distilleries are releasing NAS versions at crazy prices. With the Rand playing yo-yo against all major currencies (Nene-gate, State Capture report and Brexit), getting my hands on delicious, affordable whisky has become harder and harder. I have found budget blends and bourbons,  but the big challenge has been Single Malts.  Then I landed up at a Checkers lunch close to Hein Herbst (SA’s own MaltDoc )and he told me about the Checkers Private Barrel Co no 41.

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Muirhead Silver Seal Maturity

Muirhead Silver Seal Maturity Single Malt whisky

My never ending quest to find affordable, drinkable whisky.  Finding well priced blended whiskies is rather easy.  There are plenty of them around and some of them are actually quite good.   However, the Single Malt group, is a different story. There are not too many new Single Malts at a good price available locally in South Africa. With the worldwide increase in Single Malt prices and our unstable currency, it might become even more difficult in future. My ongoing search led me to the Muirhead Silver Seal Maturity Single malt. I found it at a Pick n Pay. I have never heard of Muirhead, but it was in the affordable category, so I grabbed it.

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