DYC 8 yo blended whisky from Spain

I always keep my eyes open for whisky from interesting countries. As wonderful as whiskies from the traditional whisky producing countries (Scotland, Ireland) are, It is even more exciting to find whisky from a non-traditional country. I was not even aware that there is a whisky culture in Spain, but then we managed to get our hands on a bottle from Spain. We were truly thrilled. The DYC 8 yo whisky is a blend and not a Single Malt whisky. DYC does produce a 10 yo Single Malt but we have not managed to find it yet.  DYC blended whisky is aged for 8 years in American Oak.

Destilerías y Crianza del Whisky S.A. (or Whisky DYC) is a Spanish company formed by businessman Nicomedes García Gómez in 1958.  Whisky DYC is a subsidiary of Beam Suntory.  Palazuelos de Eresma in Segovia was the site of the first distillery and began operation in February 1959. In March 1963, it started to produce Whisky DYC, the first Spanish whisky.

It is a very well-liked whisky in Spain and less expensive than most imported whiskies. Popularly, DYC is mixed with non-alcoholic beverages like Coca-Cola or Fanta. It is relatively unknown outside of Spain, but as part of their global expansion, Beam Global is exporting this Spanish whisky to India. We will certainly be looking out for it on our next visit to Bangalore.

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Tasting notes for the DYC 8 yo Spanish Whisky

DYC 8 yo blended whisky from Spain

The DYC 8 yo is  a blend of malt and grain whiskies, aged in American oak casks.

ABV: 40%.

COLOUR:  It has a light golden colour in the glass.

NOSE: Delicate and sweet with notes of vanilla, grain, honey sweetness and fresh flowers.  The DYC 8 yo has a complex  nose that invite you to dive in and try it.

PALATE: Without water the palate is spicy with lots of fruity notes.  It is not as sweet or delicate as promised by the nose.  After adding a bit of water the fruity notes disappear and more spicy pepper and lemon notes come out.  Strangely, this blend becomes more rough around the edges after adding water.  The sweetness and complexity suggested by the nose is not to be found on the palate.

FINISH:  Medium length and end in notes of oak, lemon peel and pepper.  For a whisky that is traditionally used as a mixer, we were not expecting very much, but were pleasantly surprised.


Now to get our hands on the DYC 10 yo single malt version. Perhaps we will be fortunate to find it in India on our next trip.

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