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Father’s Day. How will you spoil your special man?

FAther's Day 2017 header Fathers Day

A short couple of weeks ago, it was Mother’s Day.  I wipe my eyes and suddenly it is nearly Father’s Day.  I was spoilt on Mother’s Day with breakfast in bed and a few special gifts.  It was a wonderful day that I could spend with my family.  Now it is my turn to celebrate the amazing father that John is.  I looked around for special items that will make him realize how special he is to us.  Items that convey how much we appreciated him.  One of my favorite places to look for personalized gifts is Netflorist.

The personalization options they have on various whiskies is amazing.  What dad would not love to get a bottle of whisky with his name on?  A very handy feature that Netflorist has is the “share the cost” option.  When you all buy individual gifts, dad might get a whole lot of small gifts.  However, invite all your siblings to share the cost of the special gift and together you can buy him something really special. 

I also found a few fun items on the Mantality website.  This one stop shop for men has so many options from technology to gadgets to style items.  I choose a few items that fit the whisky theme and something that I know John has been looking for.  He loves music and how great would it be if he can enjoy some whisky while listening to his favorite music.

Father’s Day 2017 gift suggestions

Father's Day 2017 Gift list 1 Fathers Day

1. Stainless Steel Hip Flask

Hip flasks are one of those cool fashion accessories to take with you on trips. This stylish hip flask set features contrast stitching which is unique. The 4 matching shot glasses makes the perfect addition. 

2.  Johnnie Walker Platinum & Crystal Glasses

Any whisky loving dad would be happy with a sophisticated Johnnie Gift.  This Johnnie Walker Platinum comes with with two crystal glasses with which to enjoy this smooth blend. Make Father’s Day extra special with this generous gift!

3. Happy Black Bottle and Coffee Crate

Happiness in a crate.  A  rich delicious Black Bottle whisky, biltong and nut snacks and Coffee!  What more can a dad ask for?  This Black Bottle whisky is perfect for a dad who like to pair whisky with food or to make cocktails.

4. Diamond Whisky Glasses

For the dad that is the diamond in the rough.  Fashioned to look like a diamond; these glasses stand at an angle

Father's Day 2017 gift list 2 Fathers Day

5. Plantronics Backbeat Pro  Headphones

John loves music and these Plantronics Backbeat Pro wireless blue tooth headphones will drown out all the clutter around him and ensure he can enjoy his favorite whisky and his favorite music. 

6. Personalised Jameson Whiskey Crate

Does the Dad in your life love Irish Whiskey?  This Jameson comes beautifully presented in a raw pine box that can be personalised with dad’s name.  Pair it with fun glasses and you have the perfect gift for Father’s Day.

7. Classic Decanter with Black Grouse

The Famous Grouse has taken its famous blend and enhanced it with specially selected peated malts to create a special bottle of the Black Grouse Whisky.  It is a great blended whisky that pairs wonderfully with strong cheese.   It comes with a cut crystal decanter, making the perfect gift for him.

8. Bains Whisky Crate

This is the gift to make any whisky lover’s dreams come true!  Both John and me love this proudly South African grain whisky.  A rustic wooden crate is filled with multi-award winning Bain’s Cape Mountain Whisky, Whiskey Stones, a box of chocolate truffles and a crystal tumbler.

9. Zoku Mixology Ice Molds

Zoku’s slow melting, oversized geometric shaped ice will perfect your mixologist skills. Add your choice of ice to any beverage and the ice will melt at a slow, even rate in any glass.  A perfect Father’s Day gift.  

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  1. I love that “share the cost” option. That’s really smart! Thanks for linking with the #DreamTeam.

  2. Some great ideas! I will go and have a look at mentality, it sounds like a useful website. #DreamTeam

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