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Last week we tried a whisky cheese pairing of  mature Wyke Cheddar and Checkers Private Barrel Co. Glen Grant 17yo. You can read the blog on this pairing here. In our post we noted that the richness of the Wyke seem to overwhelm the Glen Grant 17yo.  Glen Grant is a Speyside whisky.

These whiskies tend to be mellow, sweet and fruity. Glen Grant lies in the ‘Rothes’ district, directly north of the Speyside heartland. Finished in a sherry cask, it’s a medium bodied whisky, with a delicate character.

We thought that a milder cheddar might work better. We hoped that it would allow the fruity character of the whisky to shine through, whilst enhancing the delicacy of the cheese.  For a successful whisky cheese pairing, we think you need a bit of spiciness to balance out a strong cheese.

We found a Lancewood Mild Cheddar at Checkers Cheese World that has a creamy and smooth texture with a mild nutty flavour.

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Glen Grant 17yo & Mild cheddar whisky cheese pairing

Glen Grant 17yo mild cheddar cheese pairing

This cheddar has a fat content at 31,4 g per 100 g compared to a mozzarella at 21 g per 100 g. The traditional nuttiness and pepper hints in the milder version should balance the whisky well. This whisky cheese pairing worked really well.  The milder cheese brought out the sherry sweetness in the Glen Grant 17yo.

The whisky seemed to tease our the delightful nuttiness in the cheese.  We have this Glen Grant 17 yo and Lancewood Mild Cheddar whisky cheese pairing a RATING: EXCELLENT.

The combination produced our much sought after “third” flavor. Savoring the two together brings out enhanced layers of flavor in both. We are finding that doing a whisky cheese pairing is great fun. We have still not worked out how to identify which cheese goes best with a whisky.

For now we have fun while matching the notes of the cheese with the notes in the whisky and see what happens. We look for combinations that compliment, or contracts, each other.

This particular pairing is great for first timers. The Glen Grant 17yo is mild enough for someone new to whisky as well.  Now to find a whisky that will match the great mature Wyke cheddar that we got.  We look forward to continuing to find interesting cheeses and matching them with great whisky. Till next time. Sláinte.

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