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Glenkinchie & Wensleydale Cheese

Glenkinchie 12 yo and Wensleydale cheese pairing

Woolworths has an interesting collection of cheeses and a while ago, John came home with a Wensleydale cheese with mango and ginger. We patiently waited for the weekend and then started to experiment. When we try whisky cheese pairings, we like to taste and read up on the cheese before looking at our whisky collection to see what might pair well. We usually choose 3 different whiskies to pair to see how the different whiskies pair with the chosen cheese.

Wensleydale is a semi hard style of cheese originally produced by French Cistercian monks in Wensleydale, North Yorkshire, England but now commercially made throughout the UK. Woolworths sourced this cheese from Somerset, England.

Wensleydale has a soft crumbly and moist texture. The flavour suggests wild honey balanced with fresh tartness. This blended Wensleydale is flavoured with dried mango and crystallised ginger. Traditionally Wensleydale goes well with fruitcake, apple and complement fruity white wine such as Pinot Grigio. With this in mind we choose a delicate Lowland whisky to pair this cheese with.

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glenkinchie wesleydale cheese pairing

Glenkinchie lies in the glen of the Kinchie Burn near the village of Pencaitland, East Lothian. It is situated about 15 miles from Edinburgh. It was founded around 1825 by brothers John and George Rate. The original name was Milton Distillery. The brothers probably renamed it in about 1837.

The Glenkinchie single malt was relatively unknown until 1989, when United Distillers started marketing it under their Classic Malts brand. The majority of the output of the distillery is used for blends.

My tasting notes for the Glenkinchie is captured HERE. The tasting notes include notes of oak and vanilla and fruit. There is a honey sweetness intermingling with stewed fruit.

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Glenkinchie 12yo & Woolworths Wensleydale Cheese pairing

Glenkinchie 12 yo and Wensleydale cheese pairing

This is a great whisky cheese pairing. The delicate fruity whisky matches the soft cheese. The whisky brings out the creaminess of the Woolworths Wensleydale cheese. The mango and ginger bring out more nutty notes in this light whisky and the two are in a perfect balance.

This is a whisky cheese pairing that you can definitely try. The cheese brings out more floral notes in the whisky and the ginger blended in the cheese helps the finish of the Glenkinchie whisky becomes long and lingering. We give this Glenkinchie 12 yo and Woolworths Wensleydale Cheese a RATING: EXCELLENT.

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  1. My husband says delish!!! #globalblogging The way to a man’s heart 🙂

  2. Great notes. Thanks so much for sharing. I really do wish I could enjoy whisky more, true whisky drinkers really do love it. Maybe one day. lol
    Thanks for linking up to #globalblogging

  3. You have a great style of describing your pairings. I like reading about the great combinations you come up with. We’re not really whisky drinkers (my hubby abstains from almost all drinking) but I love trying new things.

  4. I love Wensleydale although I haven’t tried it with ginger. That sounds lovely and I bet the warmth and depth of it must work really well with the whiskies that you’ve selected here. Thanks for linking with #DreamTeam x

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