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Kornog Whisky & Wyke Mature cheddar

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In a previous  whisky cheese pairing blog post we wrote about our attempt to combine a mature Wyke Mature Cheddar cheese from Checkers Cheese World with the Checkers Private Barrel Co. Glen Grant 17 yo whisky.  As a whisky and cheese pairing they did not work.  We looked through our existing whisky collection to find a whisky that was more robust and had more peppery notes.  We decided to try this whisky cheese pairing with the Kornog. The Glen Grant 17 yo is a great whisky, but is quite subtle.

It worked better with a young cheddar that was milder.  We needed a strong bodied whisky that can stand up to this mature cheddar.  What whisky cheese pairing will create the magical third tasting element that we are always looking for?  Kornog is the peated expression of the Glann ar Mor distillery located on the Northern coast of Brittany, France. Kornog means “The West Wind” in the traditional Breton Language.

Our tasting notes from a previous tasting showed notes of strong smoke, peat and oak with a caramel finish.  It also has notes of fruitiness and is peated similar to the Lagavulin at 35 ppms.  Looking at the Wyke mature cheddar, it was aged for 18 months.  The first taste was quite sharp, but it melted into a rich buttery taste with hints of pepper.  The cheese is creamier and richer than other cheddar’s we have tasted. It is a really enjoyable mature cheddar cheese.

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Results: Kornog & Wyke Mature Cheddar pairing

kornog & wyke mature cheddar whisky cheese pairing
To our surprise this Kornog whisky and Wyke mature cheddar cheese pairing combined really well, to create more a complex flavour that worked.  The buttery richness of the cheese cuts through the medicinal iodine taste of the whisky and brought out the nuttiness of the cheese.

The cheese smoothed out the raw edges of this sharp peaty whisky and the combination was a great pairing.  It creates a third flavour that is more than the sum of the two parts. Consequently, we give this Kornog and Wyke Mature Cheddar a RATING: EXCELLENT.

We will definitely be trying this whisky cheese pairing combination again in the future.  Have you tried mature cheddar with a Kornog or peaty whisky before?  What did you think of this combination?

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  1. Really though does anything NOT go with Cheddar. God I love cheese.


    • Jeannette Wentzel

      I have tried a few drams that did not go too well with cheddar, but they are few and far between. Cheddar is THE BEST! 😊

  2. This sounds lovely. Very grown up. I’d be keen to try the pepperly flavours.

    • Jeannette Wentzel

      This is a totally different taste than the whisky we shared on Saturday. More earthy and peaty. Thank you for stopping by.

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