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I love Netflorist.  Well perhaps I need to rephrase that. John, my husband, loves Netflorist.  John travels frequently and as Murphy’s Law would have it, his travel frequently fall over Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or our wedding anniversary.  He can’t always plan his travel. However, he is well aware  that he has to make up for not being there on special days.  So he loves Netflorist. For obvious reasons, I call it Netflorist Valentine’s Day!  He logs in, places a quick order and then goes on his travels without worrying.  He knows that flowers, chocolates or gifts, appropriately pretty and luxurious will arrive at the house on time. 

I don’t complain too much.  What woman would complain about flowers, chocolates or gifts?  I miss him, but accept that sometimes he needs to travel. And I know, something special will arrive. This year, I decided to help him out a bit by making some suggestions of gifts that I would like for Netflorist Valentine’s Day (he will be traveling in Kenya).

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I logged onto the Netflorist catalogue and was amazed at the variety.  So I not only made a “Gifts for Her” list, but also a “Gifts for Him” list.  Gift suggestions that you can order for your partner to make him / her smile.  I paired items from various categories to make up interesting and fun hampers.  There is another great thing from Netflorist.  Some of the gifts they offer can be personalized.  Last year, I received a personalized gown for my wedding anniversary.  Not only is it the softest, fluffiest gown imaginable, but it also has my name on it.  That made it extra special.

Netflorist Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Netflorist Valentine's Day Gifts for her

1. Bear Necessities: How cute is this soft bear paired with some delicious chocolates and a whisky?  Just the bear and Ferrero Rocher chocolates alone will bring a big smile to my face.  Then you add a whisky.  All the ingredients for a great gift, in one big hamper. 

2. Personalised Pink Gown and a Rose and Turkish Delight Duo: Perfect gift for the girly girl.  A delicious De Grendal Rose and some Sally Williams Turkish Delights paired with the softest pink personalized gown

3. Roses and Champagne:  The perfect ingredients to really spoil the lady of your dream.  A big bunch of Red roses paired with some Ferrero Rocher truffles and a bottle of Moet Chandon Rose Imperial Champagne.  Have this delivered at her work and she will be the envy of all the ladies! 

4. Glenfiddich 15 yo and a Sweetie Pie rose crate:  This is my favourite.  I just love the 15 yo Glenfiddich for its rich fruity nature.  Paired with a few roses and some Sweetie Pies, it makes a perfect combination.  And you can personalize the Glenfiddich with your own message.  How special is that!!

Netflorist Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Netflorist Valentine's Day Gifts for him

1. Superman Snack Tin and Craft Beer Bucket:  For the Superman in your life.  Pairing some salty snacks with delicious craft beer is the quickest way to a man’s heart.  You can even personalize the message on the Superman tin to let him know how special he is.

2. Personalized gown and Lind Good Fortune Duo:  A soft gown is not only for the ladies.  This personalized gown is for the man how knows what he likes and the Lindt Good Fortune pairing adds a KWV Cabernet Sauvingnon wine and some 70% Lindt chocolate. 

3. Gentleman Jack paired with the Hello Lindt Love collection:  The Gentleman Jack is an excellent Tennessee whiskey and my experimentation over the last year has shown me that bourbon and Tennessee whiskies pairs perfectly with chocolate.  Best of all, you can personalize the Gentleman Jack with a message for your own Gentleman.

4. Chivas Regal 12 yo whisky and Ferrero Rocher Chocolates: The ultimate pairing.  One of the top selling blended whiskies paired with creamy chocolates.  For the man how knows what he wants.

Go and take a look.  Who will you spoil on Valentine’s Day? 

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