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Glenmorangie Lasanta – Wonderful warming

Glenmorangie Lasanta whisky Header

This is one of the bottles that started our whisky collection, before we even realized we are collecting.  We tasted the Glenmorangie Lasanta at our favorite restaurant and loved it and John brought a bottle home soon after to remind us of a great evening.

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Top 5 Blends 2017 under R700

Top 5 blends 2017 header

It list time of the year again. Reviewing the year and evaluating what has happened.    I look at what was nice to drink, what whisky I must put on my Christmas List  and what whisky I need to use for cooking.  I draft my TOP 5 lists and this is the list of my Top 5 Blends 2017.  Blended whiskies that not only taste great, but is affordable too.  Whiskies you can easily buy as a gift for someone.  These blends all retail for under R700 and you can buy them with confidence. 

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What a Blend! Clan Denny Islay Edition

Clan Denny Islay header

In my non stop search for affordable and delicious bends I have tasted some rather “interesting” drams.  I have tried some excellent blends. And I have tried a few where I look at the bottle and wonder  if the person who bottled this, tasted it before it was bottled.  This year have been slower than usual in my search for affordable blends.  I have found some stunning blends in the mid range level.  Blends like the Rock Oyster and the Timorous Beastie that retail for around R 750 – R1000 range.  But very few in the affordable range around R500. 

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Gifts for the Gin lover in your life

gifts for the gin lover

The count down to Christmas and year end has begun.  Most shops have put up Christmas decorations and everywhere festive lights and colorful baubles are glittering already.  In just over a month it is the biggest gift giving event of the year.  The mad rush to get the perfect gift has started.  There are Festive Catalogues filled to the brim with gift ideas. 

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Michel Couvreur Special Vatting Peaty Malt whisky

Michel Courveur Special Vatting whisky Header michel couvreur special vatting

It was the clean classic label design that made me buy the bottle of Michel Couvreur whisky more than anything. A cream label with a beautiful cursive font and a red wax seal.  The label is attached over 2 sides of the square bottle to ensure the corner of the bottle is presented on the shelf.  This feature made it stand out in between other square and round bottled and I noticed it immediately.  I have never heard the name or seen anything on this release before. 

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