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December in my house, can be called “Experimentember”. December I experiment. Things quiet down from a crazy run to a slow walk. School holiday start, the whisky tastings slow down and I have a bit of time to look back at some of the ideas I captured during the year but did not get around to trying. John comes home earlier and we have long lazy summer weekends. It is the perfect time to try new things. Like a special Rose Petal Kiss cocktail for Valentine’s Day.

John will very quickly tell you that some of my experiments are just weird. The “what were you thinking” type. He would just look and refuse to taste as it looks so bad. Example… making a cocktail based on Thin Mints. Those delicious After Dinner mint chocolates… Using Nachtmusik and Mint liqueur mixed with some fresh cream.   Great on paper… But the color of the final product… brown and green mixed with some fresh cream… you can imagine the color.   Delicious but not very appetizing.

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One of the things I wanted to create in December was an effortless pink cocktail. Something floral and pretty, classy like a Cosmopolitan cocktail, but easier to make and not too sweet. A Cosmopolitan was made famous in Sex and the City. Then the ladies went out for an evening, they were often seen sipping on Cosmopolitans. Made with vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, and freshly squeezed or sweetened lime juice. Very delicious, but you need to have quite a few ingredients available. It is a lot easier to drink this pink cocktail in a bar than at home. When the Sex and the City ladies stayed in, they had wine or champagne.

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I was looking for a cocktail that you can make for girls night in or Book Club. Something classy like a Cosmo, but far easier.  For those hot summer weekend when the guys are drinking beer and you want something different.   A cocktail that  that you can make in a big pitcher and enjoy the whole afternoon.   I played around with a few ingredients, but in the end, I kept on making this Rose Petal Kiss over and over again.

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I have written about my love of the Tangled Tree Rose Petal Moscato before. Moscato is a fruity, semi sweet wine with a delicate pink color and rose petal flavours. The Rose Petal part, gave me the inspiration for this cocktail. And after a few experiments, I think I have perfected it.   A Rose Petal Kiss is light and fruity with that little bit of vanilla vodka kick. Perfect for a late afternoon when the sun goes down.

Best of all, it is perfect for Valentine’s Month.   It’s delicate and floral, its delicious and easy to make. Just right for the month of love. And it will go down well the rest of the year as well.

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Rose Petal Kiss Cocktail

Ingredients  (makes just under a liter of cocktail)

  • 150 ml Vanilla flavored Vodka
  • 450 ml Tangled Tree Moscato
  • 300 ml Woolworths Rose Flavoured sparking drink
  • Mix the ingredients together with some ice and pour into a big pitcher. Decorate with some rose petals. Serve in big wine glasses.

Rose petal kiss cocktail header 2

Relax and enjoy.

Does that not sound delicious?  What do you think?

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