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Lets try a Rye and Milk Chocolate pairing

Rittenhouse Rye and milk Chocolate pairing cadbury milk chocolate 3

What a tough job I have.  Trying out whisky and chocolate pairings so that I have something to blog about.  Dirty job, I know.  Last year introduced me to Rye whisky. Jim Murray choose a Canadian Crown Royal Rye whisky as his Whisky of the Year and the world sat up and noticed.  It sparked interest here too and I started looking around for more rye whiskies. Mainly to see what all the fuss was about.  It turns out, I actually like Rye whiskies.  There is a a spicy yumminess to a Rye that is different from a bourbon. 

Rye whiskies are still relatively unknown in SA and not readily available.  However in the future, this will hopefully change.   I picked up a bottle of Rittenhouse Rye from Whisky Brother some time ago and have been using it for all kinds of experiments.  From cocktails to food pairings.

As part of my research on rye whiskies, I noticed that quite a few people tried Rye and milk chocolate pairings.  I can imagine that Rye and cheese will work well.  The spicy nature of the Rye should complement the creaminess of cheese, but milk chocolate? 

I decided to go and experiment for myself. So off I went to pick up some Cadbury Diary Milk chocolate. The Cadbury Dairy milk chocolate is one of the top selling chocolates in the world.  Milk chocolate is sweet chocolate that also contains milk powder or condensed milk. 

The Swiss dominated the milk chocolate market. They used condensed milk in the production. In 1897 Cadbury made their first milk chocolate bar by blending milk powder, but it was not successful.  The chocolate was coarse and dry. 

Rittenhouse Rye and milk Chocolate pairing cabury milk chocolate 2

In early 1900’s George Cadbury Jr and some of the Bourneville experts started researching and experimenting and by June 1904, they perfected the recipe.  They created a delicious rich and creamy new milk chocolate with more milk than previous chocolate recipes. 

While advertising, production and packaging designs have evolved over the years, the Cadbury Dairy Milk recipe is still basically the same as it was in 1905.

Rye and Milk Chocolate Pairing Results

Rittenhouse Rye and milk Chocolate pairing cadbury milk chocolate

First  I tried the Cadbury Milk chocolate with some Black Bottle blended whisky and some Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt whisky.  Not great pairings.  The sweetness of the milk chocolate is just too overpowering and dwarfs the whisky taste. There was no balance between the elements.

Then I tried the Rye and milk chocolate pairing.  The spicy notes in the Rittenhouse Rye balanced out the sweetness of the milk chocolate perfectly. The Rittenhouse Rye enhanced the milky creamy notes of the Cadburys and created an interesting contract.  Truly delicious! A wonderful pairing.  What do you think of this rye milk chocolate pairing? 

One Messy Mama


Oban Distiller’s Edition whisky


From Ireland: Bushmills 16 yo Whiskey


  1. Just scrap the desert and serve this instead!!! Delish… You should write a book with all these delicious pairings! #globalblogging

    • Jeannette Wentzel

      Still need to try out a lot more before the book appears! But I am working on it. 😜 Thank you for the visit.

  2. Hmm I’ve never really drank whisky but I do love a good dairy milk..may have to try this out next time I’m around someone who’s drinking whiskey..I’ve always got chocolate handy haha. Thanks for linking up to #BlogCrush x

    • Jeannette Wentzel

      You should definitely always have chocolate handy! 😜 Thank you for stopping by.

  3. That sounds like a combination made in heaven. I am an absolute chocolate fiend and I loved the history in this too. Thanks for sharing with #DreamTeam x

    • Jeannette Wentzel

      I was pleasantly surprised by how well it work. Worth a try.

  4. Yum. Definitely a combo I’m gonna try out.. never would have put these two together but you make it sound very tempting!

    • Jeannette Wentzel

      Go try for yourself. It’s an easy combo to enjoy. 😊

  5. I love the thought of this, but sadly can’t drink whisky since I overdid the Rusty Nails when I was 16. I do keep trying though and my partner is a whisky fan AND loves Cadburys, so I’ll mention it to him! Alison x #DreamTeam

    • Jeannette Wentzel

      Try some peaty whisky. It’s totally different from a sweet Rusty Nail. It might help you over the overindulgence.😜 Thank you for stopping by.

  6. Oooooh I LOVE whiskey… one of my favourite tipples by far! I usually pair a scotch with a dash of coke and chocolate… I have yet to try rye whiskey but now I am intrigued but he ‘spicy’ element you speak of!

    • Jeannette Wentzel

      Even in the UK, you should be able to find a few more of the spicy rye drams to try. More distilleries are experimenting.

  7. Ooo! Sounds delightful. My husband would serve this up for sure.

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