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SA’s first Twitter Tasting #WBOT

Whisky Twitter tasting Table Mountain viewA few weeks ago, we were privileged to be asked by Marc of WhiskyBrother to be part of the first every online South African Twitter tasting.  The Twitter tasting went with the hashtag #WBOT.  Marc owns WhiskyBrother  in Hydepark and he arranged this amazing Twitter tasting. 

We were in the fortunate position to pick up our #WBOT pack just before we left for our break to Cape Town.  We tasted and tweeted from a farm in the beautiful Durbanville area.  With Table Mountain in front of us, technology allowed us to sit 1 500 km away and join in the Twitter fun.

Whisky twitter tasting bottlesAnd what great fun we had.  There were 10 of us invited to share in this South African first Twitter tasting.   The  tasting consisted of 3 different whiskies.  WhiskyBrother also added a mystery whisky.

Twitter tasting bottle 1 Kilkerran WIP 4

Kilkerran is a Campbeltown whisky.  The name is derived from the Gaelic ‘Ceann Loch Cille Chiarain’ which is the name of the original settlement where Saint Kerran had his religious cell and where Campbeltown now stands.  We do not have a Kilkerran in our collection, so this was a new whisky for us to try.

NOSE: Vanilla, oak and fresh fruit
PALATE: Mild spice, fresh fruit, vanilla oak, florals, caramel, ginger and sweetness
FINISH: Some sweetness and spice, full-bodied.

We rated this Kilkerran whisky: EXCELLENT.  This whisky was released in 2012 and there are only 9000 bottles available.  Very smooth for an 8 yo.  Worth a buy!  This whisky has a great balance between  sweet and spice.

Twitter Tasting bottle 2 Arran Port Cask

This distillery is situated on the Island of Arran.  After initially maturing in traditional oak casks for approximately 8 years, the Arran Single Malt Port Cask was finished in the Port wine casks.  It is bottled at 50% ABV and is non chill filtered. The first thing you notice about this whisky compared to the previous one is the deep amber colour.  It is a lot darker than the Kilkerran.  Adding a splash of water helps to smooth the whisky and release more flavours.

NOSE: Sweet musty grapes, doughnuts, port raisins, sultanas and honey
PALATE: Not as sweet as we expected, dried fruit, Christmas cake, raisins and spice
FINISH: shortish finish that end in spicy and ginger

Port comes through very clearly in the nosing but not in the taste.  The other Twitter tasters  picked up notes of cinnamon, apple and dark chocolate.  We rated this Arran Port Cask a VERY GOOD.

Twitter tasting bottle number 3 Octomore 6.1

We have heard about this whisky before but have not tried it.  It is from the Bruichladdich distillery in the Islay region of Scotland and famous for being one of the most heavily peated barley on the planet.  John was particularly looking forward to this peated expression.

NOSE: Iodine, peat smoke, medicine and carbolic
PALATE:  Smoke, smooth oak, black pepper, citrus barley
FINISH: lingering finish, balanced, bold body

A beautiful smooth well-balanced whisky.  This Octomore 6.1 might sound and smell like a peat bomb, but in tasting, the peat is not overwhelming.  It is smooth and sweet and even Jeannette, who normally don’t like peaty whiskies, loved it.  Our rating for this whisky is EXCELLENT. For a 5 yo, this is really a beautiful whisky.

Final comments

Looking at some of the comments, this Octomore 6.1 was definitely the winner of the evening.  It provoked strong emotions and feedback.

Thank you Marc for arranging this really special event.  With the beautiful mountain in front of us and the stunning whiskies to choose from, we had a wonderful evening.  The interactions with the other whisky lovers and the experience was amazing.  Well done for this wonderful South African first!.  May it be the start of many more.  And the mystery dram in the box? Well, you need to ask Marc at WhiskyBrother Shop about that.  We have tasted it and rated it EXCELLENT.

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  1. Thanks for the lovely write-up guys! So glad you were able to participate; you definitely had the best view 🙂 Excellent write-up and great tasting notes. Keep up the good work!

    • John Wentzel

      Thank you for inviting us WhiskyBrother. We had a great evening as part of the #WBOT.

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