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During the past month or so, I have been experimenting with food pairings that include take aways and liquor.  First up was pizza and whisky, and after that I tried KFC and bourbon.  This week I look at 4 great drinks to pair with a Steers burger.  I chose a Steers Original King burger to pair the drinks with.

The King burger has 2 beef patties and lots of Steers sauce, so this succulent hamburger is big enough to fill a big hunger and perfect to use in testing.    Steers is one of the top South African take away brands and they have over 538 stores around the country.

Because Steers is such a traditional SA brand, I wanted try the meaty burger with a few different South African products.  I walked into my local liquor store and grabbed a few options.  With the growth in craft beer, there are plenty of beer options to choose from.  

Drinks to pair with a Steers Burger

Steers Burger and a Black Horse IPA beer

Great drinks to pair with a Steers burger Black horse Distillery IPA

Made with care and passion in the foothills of the Magalies Mountains, the Black Horse Brewery is well known for great beer and great food. Nestled in the Zeekoeihoek valley, the distillery uses local grains and spring water to create a range of products. 

Black Horse distillery is only a short drive from Johannesburg, and perfect for a lazy Saturday afternoon get away.  The Black horse IPA is created with a melody of hops that make it both bitter and fruity. It has spicy and citrusy notes that make it perfect with a Steers burger. (ABV 4.5 %)

Steer Burger and a Sxollie Golden Delicious cider

Great drinks to pair with a Steers burger Sxollie Golden Delicious Cider

Sxollie is slang for “scallywag” or hustler.  Made with apples from Elgin in the Cape Region, the Sxollie Golden Delicious is a pale yellow, with plenty of carbonation. It has a light apple-skin nose with floury green apple sharpness, equally sweet and tart on the palate. 

Rounded off with floral sweetness, yeast and sour tropical fruit notes, its delicious and refreshing.  The apple sweetness pairs great with the savory notes of the burger.  (ABV =4.5%)

4th Street lightly sparkled Sweet Red wine

Great drinks to pair with a Steers burger 4th Street sparkling red wine

Served in a convenient 300ml bottle, this 4th Street lightly sparked Sweet red is playful and edgy.  Made from 100% pure natural wine from grapes from selected vineyards in the Western Cape, it is fruity and soft with smooth sweet cherry and ripe berry aromas. 

It is not as heavy as a traditional red wine and you can easily pair it with a meaty burger, without feeling overwhelmed afterwards. I just love this smaller packaging size of this wine.    (ABV6.5  %)

Innis & Gunn Rum Finish Beer

Great drinks to pair with a Steers burger Innes & Gunn Rum finish beer

Not a South African product, but something with a whisky link.  I had to add a whisky link in here.  In 2002, Scotch distiller William Grant approached master beer brewer Dougal Sharp to supply beer to season its whisky casks. William Grant wanted to see if their whisky would take on the beer’s sweet, malty character. The first batch of beer went in for 30 days and, having achieved its purpose, was discarded to make way for the whisky. But some inquisitive souls at the distillery sampled the beer before tossing it out, and found that the oak had transformed it.  Innis & Gunn was born.

On the nose you get some fruit; it’s sweet and spicy with some nutmeg and raisin. The Rum Finish is rich and full-bodied but also crisp. It’s got a good spice kick alongside the malt and hop profiles, and ends off with a warm, lingering biscuity aftertaste. Innis & Gunn Rum Finish beer is a full-bodied heavyweight that pairs wonderfully with the double layer beef patties and layers of cheese in the Steers burger.  (ABV 6.8 %)

And to finish it all off, how about a whisky Don Pedro.  Ultimate comfort drinking!  Something sweet to end off lunch. 

What is your favourite drink to pair with a big beefy hamburger?

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