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Marvelous Summer holiday cocktails

Holiday cocktails

It is summer! December summer holiday in Johannesburg is wonderful.  The days are long and hot.Weekends are perfect for relaxing on the patio and drinking cocktails.   As soon as the middle of November arrive, we start planning our December summer cocktails.  When the first weekend in December roll around, we through open our cocktail cupboard and start having fun.

This December was no different.  Over weekends, we tried classic cocktails like a Sidecar, Martini variations and played around and developed our own. We used a variety of ingredients to keep it interesting.   The holiday cocktails below are easy to make and perfect for long summer days.

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Dark Chocolate Martini

Dark chocolate martini holiday cocktails This decadent cocktail combines fresh orange juice with chocolate liqueur and vodka.  Some espresso adds an extra kick.  It is easy to make with readily available ingredients.  A real winner!  It is sure to impress.  Find the recipe for the Dark Chocolate Martini here.


Side car holiday cocktailsThe Sidecar is one of the classic cocktails.  It was invented around the end of World War 1 in Europe.  The mix of lemon juice, brandy and orange liqueur is refreshing in the hot summer.  This Sidecar Cocktail recipe by Ina Garten makes it easy.  Leaving the glasses in the freezer for an hour before making the cocktail, help to cool everything down nicely.

Belgian Brownie Cocktails

Belgium brownie holiday cocktailsIf you are looking for a cocktail that will impress even the fussiest of cocktail drinkers, try the Belgian Brownie.  The combination of gin, cognac and chocolate liqueur mixed with cream make this a rich and impressive cocktail.  Serve it in a nice glass and score brownie points. You can find the recipe for the Belgian Brownie Cocktails here.

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Banana Margarita

Banana margarita holiday cocktailsBols Amsterdam makes an amazing variety of liqueurs.  They have over 35 different flavours to play with.  We got hold of a Banana Bols and tried this refreshing and fun Banana Margarita.  A play on the classic Margarita, but with fruitier notes.  Serve in a cocktail glass and sit back and enjoy.  Recipe for the Banana Margarita Cocktail available here.

Rusty Nail Holiday Cocktails

Rusty Nail holiday cocktailsAnother one of the classic whisky cocktails, the Rusty Nail is a mix of Drambuie and whisky with a dash of bitters.  The origin of this cocktail is a bit hazy.  Regardless, it is a wonderful easy cocktail to make.  I used the Ballantine’s Finest Whisky to make it.  Serve in an old fashioned glass and garnish with a twist of lemon peel.  Perfection!

Chilli Amarula cocktail

Chilli amarula holiday cocktails

Last but not least, our own Proudly South African holiday cocktail.  We mixed 2 units of Amarula Cream with 1 unit Wildebraam Choc Chilli liqueur in a shaker.  Add 1 unit of cream and serve in a glass over some crushed ice.  Perfect for a late summer afternoon or as an after dinner drink.

Some of the other cocktails we have made over the years are linked here Summer Whisky cocktails and here Amazing cocktails.

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Three Ships PX Cask Finish whisky


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  1. Bring.It.On!

  2. whiskey makes me so drunk. so so sooooo drunk.

    Im such a beer girl.

  3. Yasssss now you’re talking! Love this concoction, totally pinning xo

    • Jeannette Wentzel

      They were really delicious. Tested them all… twice at least over the summer.

  4. All of those cocktails sound amazing! Just right for a hot summer’s day (or night!) I’ll have to stock my cupboard before the warm weather finds us here.

    • Jeannette Wentzel

      Cocktails are lots of fun. And with summer getting closer, stocking up is a great idea. Thank you for stopping by.

  5. The chocolate cocktails looks delish.

  6. I’m such a cocktail lover! You have me excited for the summer months 🙂

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