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Checkers Private Barrel Co No 68 Single Malt

Checkers Private Barrel Co no 68 Header

Founded in 2012 and celebrated on the third Saturday in May, World Whisky Day is a global event to celebrate all that is whisky or whiskey. An opportunity to bring people together and to share a glass of your favorite dram.  This year Checkers invited a group of whisky lovers around the country to participate in a special twitter tasting.  An event to celebrate the friendship that whisky create.

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Top 5 Single Malts 2016 Edition (under R750)!

top 5 single malts 2016 edition-under-r750

Following on from my post last week on the Top 5 Blends 2016 edition, I have worked hard to define my Top 5 Single Malts 2016. I have tasted a considerable variety of whiskies in order to sort the good from the bad, the cheap from the tasty. Keeping it under R500 for the single malts have become impossible. With the decline in the currency and the general increase in single malt prices, I had to lift the price point to around R750.

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Mother’s Day Whisky Wishlist

Mother's Day whisky wishlist

The second Sunday in May is traditionally celebrated as Mother’s Day in our country. Mother’s Day is a celebration honouring the mother of the family. It is seen as a celebration of motherhood, maternal bonds and the impact of mothers in society. Mostly a day where mom can relax a bit and the kids and significant other spoil her.

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Affordable & great taste! Glen Grant Majors Reserve

Glen Grant Major's Reserve single malt whisky

The highlight in the yearly whisky calendar is the Whisky Life Festival in Sandton. It is one of the biggest whisky shows in the world. The festival is about meeting up with old friends and making new whisky friends. The tasting variety is overwhelming.  We try to taste only a few whiskies that we have not tried before. Last year, I walked into Bernard Gutman, a good friend, at the Glen Grant exhibition. Bernard took the time to introduce me to the Glen Grant Major’s Reserve. And that is where I spend quite a lot of time.   I also tried the  Glen Grant 10 yo and the 16 yo.

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Ile de France Brie cheese and whisky pairing

Brie cheese whisky pairing

After a relaxing holiday, 2016 started with  new opportunities.  And a chance to try out more whisky and cheese pairings. During December 2015, Checkers brought out a  new cheese brochure, which I read from end to end. It had all kinds of amazing cheese ideas and I kept it for further inspiration. The front page had a picture of the cutest little Ile de France Brie cheeses. You might say that Brie cheese should not be described as cute, but when you see these little delicate Ile de France morsels, you would agree.

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