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Whisky for the red wine loving mom

Whisky for the red wine loving mom Red Wine Header

It was one of those weeks!  Frequent tantrums, fights about breakfast and school assignments  not finished. Getting stuck in traffic, with deadlines looming larger than the truck you are stuck behind. Afternoon rush from ballet to swimming, soccer to extra maths, all with a grumpy toddler in tow. The husband down with man flu and the geyser breaking and no hot water.  After a week like this, a glass of red wine is just not going to cut it.

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From the Klein Karoo: Boplaas Whisky

Boplaas whisky brandy barrel finished header

Every month, Whisky Brother Shop publish their top 5 sellers for the month.  It is always interesting to see the old favorites (Glenmorangie, Ardbeg and Glendronach)  share space with newcomers.  The June the list had an interesting surprise.  Obviously, after Ardbeg Day at the end of May, it was expected that the Ardbeg Kelpie will make an appearance.  However number 2 on the list was interesting.  A South African whisky aged in Brandy Casks – Boplaas whisky.

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Checkers Private Barrel Co No 41 Whisky

Checkers Private Barrel Co No 41 Single Malt whisky

One of the hardest things to do is to build a whisky collection on a budget. With an increase in demand and a hunger for aged drams, whisky prices has been going through the roof and distilleries are releasing NAS versions at crazy prices. With the Rand playing yo-yo against all major currencies (Nene-gate, State Capture report and Brexit), getting my hands on delicious, affordable whisky has become harder and harder.

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GlenDronach 13 yo WhiskyBrother release

Glendronach 13 yo Whisky Brother Single Cask release

A small little whisky shop in Hydepark, Johannesburg has become the central point of the Johannesburg whisky community. Since they opened their doors in 2012, WhiskyBrother has brought a wonderful whisky variety to Johannesburg. Their whisky tastings are also legendary!  Every year around this time, WhiskyBrother brings out an exclusive release and this year is no different.

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Whisky & Etorki Cheese Pairing

Etorki cheese whisky pairing

Lately Woolworth has sold some strange but interesting cheeses. I am not sure what drives the demand for these wonderful but rather exotic cheeses, but I am not complaining. Having the variety available is wonderful.  I found an Etorki cheese, something I have never seen before.

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