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Jim Beam Double Oak Bourbon

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A couple of months ago I fell in love with a bourbon that was filled to the brim with malva pudding and dark sweet cherries.  The Woodford Reserve Double Oaked promised and delivered a wonderful taste experience.  At the same time, I also found the Jim Beam Double Oak in the shop and just had to try this too.  The Jim Beam Double Oak is CONSIDERABLY more affordable than the Woodford Reserve Double Oak.  Could I get the double oak taste experience at a more affordable price? And further, will this Jim Beam Double Oak rival my other Jim Beam favourite, the Jim Beam Black

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KFC and Bourbon pairings to try tonight

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In my house, take away is a treat.  We only eat it when I have not had any time to cook, or when the weekend was just so lazy, that I could not bother.  One of our preferred options for take away is KFC.  And it seems that I am not alone in loving the crispy fried chicken.  Kentucky Friend Chicken (KFC) is the most prolific brand in South Africa, with over 800 stores spread across the land.

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Jim Beam White Label Bourbon Whiskey

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The year 1795 was a busy year.  Wars started and ended, treaties were signed, country debts were paid,  Hayden released his 102 ’nd Symphony in B and Thomas Seddal harvested a 8.3-kg potato from his garden in Chester, England.  Funny all the things that history captures as important at the time. 

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How to plan the ultimate whisky & Cheese for dessert

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You love cheese. You love whisky. Over the weekend, a few like-minded friends are coming over for dinner. Why not try a small whisky cheese pairing to end the meal! Whisky and Cheese for dessert!  It is a great way to end a meal. Especially in winter.  Whisky is a great accompaniment to food and pairs wonderfully with cheese. End your dinner party on something different. Be bold and experiment.

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Just in time for celebrations: Clover cheese whisky pairings!

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I have known Marietjie since University. There we shared many a bottle of whisky around a badly lit kitchen table, solving the world’s problems. Today she is a successful career woman and mom and works as the National Key Account Manager for Clover SA.  About a month ago, I saw her for drinks and she had a big complaint.

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