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It was a dark and stormy night…

Whisky to savour during a storm header

It was a dark and stormy night… Thunder storms are a regular occurrence in summer.  After a hot day, afternoons cool down with dark clouds gathering and lightning that streak across the sky.  When a storm hit in the dark of night, it can be really scary.  I was standing in the doorway, listening to the thunder and seeing the lighting flash accross the horizon.  The wind howling around the house and rattling at the windows;  rain pouring on the roof.  The noice made by the storm drowned out all other sounds.

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King Car Conductor Whisky from Taiwan

King Kar whisky kavalan header King Car Conductor

Back in 2011 when I started collecting whisky, l managed to find whiskies from the more traditional whisky making countries like Ireland, USA and Canada.  But on one of John’s trips he stumbled across a bottle of Finnish whisky and a bottle of Taiwanese whiskies.  Suddenly the flood gates opened.  There was an explosion of world whisky.  

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Musical Masterpiece: Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique

Kavlan Solist Vinho Barrique single malt Whisky

On the 21st of May it was World Whisky Day. Dreamt up by Blair Bowman while studying at the University of Aberdeen, participants are encouraged to drink whisky of this day. As if we need an excuse! It is a day to invite friends and neighbours over to try a few drams and celebrate the glorious ‘water of life’. It is about making whisky fun and enjoyable. Spreading the whisky word to people who have not tried it before.  There is no particular brand linked to World Whisky Day. You should drink what you enjoy.  Be it Scottish or Bourbon, Irish or World whisky – enjoy it and share it.

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My Kavalan Twitter tasting Experience

Kavalan whisky Twitter Tasting

We were fortunate to be invited to take part in the Kavalan Twitter Whisky tasting, held last night.  The tasting was hosted by Whisky Live Festival to celebrate the first Whisky Live Showroom in Pretoria.  The twitter tasting was led by whisky expert Paul La Cock, also known in the twitterverse as the @WHiskyThiefZA and the owner of Aficionados, an online liquor shop.

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Single Malt of the Year 2014 Edition

header-for-whisky-of-the-year single malt of the year

During 2014 we tasted 50 different whiskies including single malts and blends.  Like last year, we tweeted our ratings and blogged about our impressions. Our tastings usually take place every Friday, but on the last Friday of the year we announce our Single Malt of the Year 2014 and this year we surprisingly had a few entries for Blend of the Year 2014 as well.

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