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Whisky and Wensleydale cheese pairing

Whisky and Wensleydale cheese pairing header

These past couple of weekend I have been testing a lot of whisky and cheese pairings again.  After the craziness that was June and July, weekends have slowed down and lefts some space for experimenting. Sitting back, grabbing a few whiskies, opening up some interesting cheese and in general just relaxing a bit.   I tried a goats cheese and bourbon pairings, but that elicited a rather negative response from John. 

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Whisky for the red wine loving mom

Whisky for the red wine loving mom Red Wine Header

It was one of those weeks!  Frequent tantrums, fights about breakfast and school assignments  not finished. Getting stuck in traffic, with deadlines looming larger than the truck you are stuck behind. Afternoon rush from ballet to swimming, soccer to extra maths, all with a grumpy toddler in tow. The husband down with man flu and the geyser breaking and no hot water.  After a week like this, a glass of red wine is just not going to cut it.

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Top 5 Drams for a cold winter night

Top 5 winter whiskiesA cold front is sweeping over South Africa. Temperatures have fallen dramatically and all thoughts of hot summer days have been eliminated by the rain, cold wind and dreary weather. The days are short and it gets dark early. There is more rain predicted for some parts and even a bit more snow expected.

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Macallan Fine Oak 15 yo Worth the hype?

Macallan 15 yo Fine Oak Single Malt Whisky

A lot has been written about the Macallan distillery and brand. Some people love it. Some people hate it. Many stories about it exist. Some true, some not quite. It often makes the ‘Most Expensive Whisky’ lists. If anything, it is a polarizing whisky and distillery. John loves it. I find it pretentious and old-fashioned. Today I try the Macallan Fine Oak 15 yo.  Macallan started life as Elchies Distillery. The name changed and it expanded as demand for the product soared.   Over time, the Macallan had become very sought after. The Macallan is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Edrington Group.

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Whisky & Red Leicester Cheese pairing

Red Leicester Cheese whisky pairing

Our whisky cheese pairing experiments are enjoyable. We love hunting down interesting cheese and reading up on it and then try to find whisky that will work. It leads to a lot of failures. My database of what does not work, is bigger than the list of what works. But it does not matter. For each tasting, we sit down, have some laughs, try some whisky and just have fun. What better way to spend a late Saturday afternoon?  On Friday I found a delicious looking Red Leicester at Checkers.

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