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Whisky for the red wine loving mom

Whisky for the red wine loving mom Red Wine Header

It was one of those weeks!  Frequent tantrums, fights about breakfast and school assignments  not finished. Getting stuck in traffic, with deadlines looming larger than the truck you are stuck behind. Afternoon rush from ballet to swimming, soccer to extra maths, all with a grumpy toddler in tow. The husband down with man flu and the geyser breaking and no hot water.  After a week like this, a glass of red wine is just not going to cut it.

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Whisky & Etorki Cheese Pairing

Etorki cheese whisky pairing

Lately Woolworth has sold some strange but interesting cheeses. I am not sure what drives the demand for these wonderful but rather exotic cheeses, but I am not complaining. Having the variety available is wonderful.  I found an Etorki cheese, something I have never seen before.

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Top 5 Single Malt under R650 – 2015 Edition

Top 5 Single Malt 2015After the positive feedback on the 2014 Top 5 Single Malt list, we decided to compile a Top 5 Single Malts list again – 2015 Edition. Finding single malt whiskies under R500 is becoming rather difficult.  I had to up the price limit on this category a bit. I am sure there are great Single Malt whiskies under R500, we have just not tasted them yet. This list documents drams that we tried and rated Excellent over the last year or 2.

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Did Singleton 12 yo taste better than the Tailfire?

Singleton 12 yo single malt whisky

I tried the Singleton Tailfire a while ago after a friend mentioned how much she loved it. It did not blow me away. However, I got quite a bit of feedback, with most people recommending the Singleton 12 yo.  While the Tailfire is still fresh in my mind, I decided to try the 12yo. Singleton is produced by the Dufftown distillery which is located in the small Speyside town of Dufftown.  The Dufftown distillery was not originally built as a malt whisky distillery.

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What whisky do I pair with a Camembert?

Whisky and camembert cheese pairing header

I love our regular whisky and cheese pairing sessions. It usually takes place on a Saturday afternoon and we try a broad range of whiskies with the interesting cheeses. Many of the whiskies in my collection are limited editions and not readily available and this makes our tastings interesting but also challenging. To allow more people to try these pairings, I also try to find a whisky and cheese pairing readily available in South Africa. This past week we bought a Fairview Traditional Camembert.

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