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The Only Whisky Show – WIN Tickets!

The only whisky show header

Whisky shows are great.  They offer a great opportunity to try a new whisky before buying a bottle.  You can explore whiskies from various regions and countries and discover new favourites.  During November, Johannesburg hosts one of the biggest whisky shows in Africa. More than 10 000 people decent on the Sandton Convention centre for the annual Whisky Life Festival. 

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Netflorist Valentine’s Day Gift ideas

Netflorist Valentine's Day header

I love Netflorist.  Well perhaps I need to rephrase that. John, my husband, loves Netflorist.  John travels frequently and as Murphy’s Law would have it, his travel frequently fall over Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or our wedding anniversary.  He can’t always plan his travel. However, he is well aware  that he has to make up for not being there on special days.  So he loves Netflorist. For obvious reasons, I call it Netflorist Valentine’s Day!  He logs in, places a quick order and then goes on his travels without worrying.  He knows that flowers, chocolates or gifts, appropriately pretty and luxurious will arrive at the house on time. 

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New Year’s Resolution – More whisky

New Year's Resolution 2017 header

It is that time of the year where everyone starts new, fresh and full of energy.  December gave me some time to relax and regroup after a busy 2016 and what better way to start 2017 with a New Year’s resolution. However, as time goes on and life gets in the way, you forget your resolution.  By end of February, any news years resolution is long forgotten.  The gym is a good example.  In January, you can’t get an open bike / machine/ walker for love or money.  By the end of February, there are a few open spaces and by June… lots of space.

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Winner: Whisky of the Year 2016 Edition

 2016 Whisky of the Year Edition winner

One of the last things I do on the blog for each year is choose my top whisky for the year.  I take a look at all the whiskies that was rated Divine and through a blind taste test, I find who is the ultimate winner – my Whisky of the Year.  I have tried some amazing drams over the years.  And this year is no exception.  During this year, there has been wonderful whiskies that left a smile on our faces but also a few that had me reach for the antacids. 

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Sinterklaas Edition : New Arrivals

Sinterklaas header

Although I grew up in South Africa, my family celebrated the Dutch tradition of Sinterklaas at the beginning of December, instead of Christmas on the 25th.  My youth was filled with memories of December evenings, listening out for the knocking on the door that indicated presents had arrived.  My father always managed to make the sounds of Sinterklaas knocking on the door without them noticing and it is one of my fondest childhood memories.  It is a tradition that we are continuing for our daughter as well.

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