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Boozy Dessert: Tiramisu with whisky

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A couple of Saturdays ago, I met up with some friends who are all bloggers.  They blog about all kinds  of topics.  From parenting and food to beauty and lifestyle.  It was a great morning where we could all catch up and talk a bit about blogging.  The venue was the very cool State 5 Fourways. A child friendly venue but we all left out kids at home.  It was time for just us. 

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Irish Dubliner cheese & Irish Whiskey

Irish Cheese Whisky pairing

I wanted to try an Irish whiskey with an Irish cheese pairing for ages. Last year we tasted the Wild Geese Irish Single Malt and my immediate thought was that this should go very nicely with creamy Irish cheese. But there have been so many other interesting cheeses to try, and we forgot about this pairing. Until I found a block of Kerrygold Full Fat Dubliner cheese in the shop and decided that it is time for some Irish Dubliner is an Irish cheese named after Dublin City, though produced in County Cork.

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