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Gin made in the shade of the famous Pretoria jacaranda trees, at the foothills of the Magalies mountains, next to the Apies River.  It is true!  I was fortunate to go and investigate a small gin distillery a few weeks ago and interview Kelly Duncan, the head and heart behind this interesting start up.  Kelly is a successful business consultant who’s curiosity lead her to gin distilling.  The question of how gin is made, prompted her to do a distilling course and then the gin bug bit. 

She started the Capital Gin Distillery on small scale, using locally sourced ingredients as far as possible.  The logo of The Capital Gin reflect the Pretoria area with the imposing Union Buildings framing the distillery name. 

The distilling course told her how to distill gin, but the flavoring component was a different matter.  Kelly spent nearly 18 months perfecting her recipe for the 3 gin releases.  Through trial and error, she perfected her flavours. Kelly grows the floral and green components of her gin right there in her garden in Pretoria to ensure she gets the most constant quality.   

The Capital Gin the copper stills

The Capital Gin is triple distilled and vapor infusion is used to instill the flavors.  Kelly’s vision is to make an uncomplicated, accessible and easy drinking gin that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.  

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I was fortunate to taste all 3 of The Capital Gin releases.  Below is a breakdown of the three releases and their flavours.

The 3 Capital Gin releases

The Capital Gin Alchemist

Alchemist: The word conjures up an image of a bustling chemist in a laboratory trying to create the elixir of immortality.   Spicy and full of vigor, the Alchemist is someone who has an abundance of energy.    The Alchemist has notes of cinnamon, cloves and roasted citrus.  Spicy and vibrant, this gin is perfect paired with Indian food.

The Capital Gin Indigo

Indigo : Tall dark and handsome, this gin reflects confidence and passion.  Flavoured with lavender and rosemary from Kelly’s garden, it is balanced by notes of orange.  This gin is big and bold and wonderful in gin based cocktails.  The robust rosemary and orange flavors stand up wonderfully in a traditional G&T.

The Capital Gin Pink Lady

Pink Lady : Feminine and floral as she may seem, this Pink Lady can hold her own in any conversation.  Flavoured with hibiscus and thyme out of Kelly’s garden, it is perfectly balanced with vanilla.  This is a sipping gin, soft and mellow with soft grapefruit notes. I tried it with a bit of water to release more of the floral notes and it is perfect for after dinner sipping. 

Kelly’s plans for the future include a broader range of products.  This is gin made with passion and care, and it is delicious.  I have tasted it and it is delicious.  The Capital Gin is currently only available directly from the distillery.  You can contact Kelly directly here to get your hand on a bottle or 3 of this amazing release.  She has 750ml bottle available as well as wonderful gift sets of 3x150ml bottles which include all 3 releases.  You can also follow her on Twitter at @TheCapitalGin.

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