Three ships gourmet dinner 1On the 15th of May, we were fortunate to be invited by Andy Watts to the Three Ships Gourmet Discovery dinner held at the HTA School of Culinary Art in Randburg. The menu was designed by Chef Heinz Brunner and he matched the various whisky expressions with the 4 course dinner.  We arrived at the HTA venue and welcomed by with a Three Ships Bourbon Cask Finish whisky. Not a bad start to the evening.  It is one of our favourite Three Ships expressions.

There were about 40 people from all walks of life and it was interesting to meet some of our fellow whisky enthusiasts and tweeters in real life.  And then the fun really started.

The Three Ships Gourmet Discovery Dinner Menu

The Starter

three ships gourmet HTA dinner 1The first course was the Ceviche of line fish matched with the Three Ships Select. The fresh Dorado and Salmon marinated for 24 hours in a citrus whisky marinade and garnished with avocado and a celery papino chili dressing. What a stunning combination of flavours.  This dish worked wonderfully with the Three Ships Select. The taste reminded us of walking on Fish Hoek Harbor. The saltines of the ceviche matched the whisky nicely. A stunning combination to also try at home.

The Second Course

three ships Gourmet HTA dinnerThe second course was a twice baked Goats Cheese Soufflé serviced with an Apple and Walnut salad. Pomegranate seeds added an extra bursts of flavor. The Three Ships whisky serviced with this course was the Three Ships 5 yo Premium Select. This Souffle, Chef Heinz made a few years ago for the visit of Prince Andrew to South Africa. There was some 5 yo in the glaze on top of the soufflé as well as in the apple salad.  Goats cheese is notoriously difficult to pair with a whisky. The Soufflé was amazing and fluffy, the Three Ships 5 yo Premium Select was robust and peaty, but as a combination, not our favourite of the evening.

The Third Course

three ships gourmet HTA Dinner 3The third course was a slow roasted Beef Brisket infused with Three Ships Bourbon Cask Finish. The brisket marinated for 26 hours in a bourbon marinade and then slightly smoked with peacan wood chips and slow roasted for nearly 3 hours on a Weber. It has a beautiful seared crust. This was served with Potato Savoyarde, an mélange of grilled Vegetables and finished with a bourbon jus. This beautiful piece of meat was accompanied by the Three Ships Bourbon Cask finish whisky and matched beautifully.

The Dessert

three ships gourmet HTA Dinner 4The last course was the Bread and Butter pudding complimented by a single malt bitter chocolate cardamom mouse and topped off with some candy floss to represent the “Angel’s Share”. This wonderful warm pudding was perfectly paired with the Three Ships 10 yo Single Malt.  Served on a black tile, it looked and tasted spectacular.  Definitely our favourite pairing for the evening.  The cardamom chocolate and warm pudding was also a perfect match for the 10 yo Single Malt whisky.

Three Ships Gourmet dinner Conclusion

All in all a wonderful evening discovering interesting food and whisky pairings and making new whisky friends. Thank you Andy and Chef Heinz for a wonderful evening.