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Baby it’s cold outside: Top 5 Winter whiskies

top 5 winter whiskies list leader

Baby, it’s cold outside!  It is winter in the Southern Hemisphere.  Short days, cold nights and frost on the ground.  Some parts have snow, rain or slush, depending on where you live.  Here in Johannesburg, the mornings start out really cold, then it warms up a bit, just to cool down as the sun sets and it gets really cold at night.  It is time for warm chunky jerseys, hearty vegetable soups and hot chocolate with marshmallows.  It is time for lighting the fireplace and sitting back with a book under a blanket.  For me, winter is a time for introspection and being at home. 

If it was possible for a human to hibernate, that would be me.  During summer I am happy and love moving about, but in winter, I just want to sit in the sun  during the day and not move at night.  During winter, I need extra help to warm me up.  So we make lots of soup, but soup will only take me so far.  I need a little bit of help to rouse myself from my hibernation. 

Something extra to warm me from they inside.  So from the warmth of my blanket, I drafted the Top 5 Winter whiskies list.  To chase away the cold.  Whiskies with the winter theme that will is perfect for this time of the year.

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Top 5 winter whiskies List

Top 5 winter whiskies list

1. Bunnahabhain 25 yo 

Of course something from Islay will make me smile.  Especially something with lots of warming sherry from my favorite distillery Bunnahabhain.  Sweet caramel dessert aroma, beautifully entwined with subtle suggestions of oak, cardamom and polished leather. The indulgence of sweet berries and cream ensures a wonderful mix of tastes that progress into a roasted chestnut and malt celebration. The finish is soft and dry with a delicate hint of Demerara sugar and cinnamon spiced oak that lingers for a long time.  How amazing does this sound.  This 25 yo is perfect to keep me warm

2.  Johnnie Walker Winter Edition

A limited edition bottling of Johnnie Walker Blue Label, with a celebratory design that reminds me of the winter sky with no clouds and just stars. And it sounds delicious too.  Notes of oak, crisp spice, dried fruit, berries, hints of cedar, toffee with a touch of smoke, spice and citrus. You can get your hands on this Edition here.

3. Langatun Winter Wedding

I found this 5 yo Langatun Winter Wedding at Master of Malt and just fell in love with the name. A 5 yo single malt Swiss whisky, released as part of Langatun’s Winter Wedding series.  It is a blend of their two flagship expressions, Old Deer (unpeated) and Old Bear (peated)).  And it sounds delicious.  There are notes of honey,  barley, white grape and a light touch of smoke balanced with warming pepper and fresh fruits.   I see that Master of Malt stock this interesting release.  

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4. Jack Daniel’s Winter Jack

Not strictly a whisky, but o so tempting… Jack Daniel’s Winter Jack.  It is an American whiskey apple punch, made perfect with the taste of warm spices and Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7.  Based on an original family recipe from Lynchburg, Tennessee.  Winter Jack is best served warm. Once heated, it has an inviting aroma of warm apple cider, orange peel, cinnamon, clove and Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. The taste is reminiscent of apple pie complemented with Tennessee Whiskey and seasonal spices, with a finish of toasted oak and vanilla. 

5. Dalwhinnie Winter’s Gold

Last, byt not least, on my list of Top 5 winter whiskies is a Dalwhinnie.  Dalwhinnie Winter’s Gold is a newish addition to this Highland Distillery‘s range.  It was inspired by the frosty climate up in the remote part of Scotland where they are situated. It’s made only with spirit that has been distilled in winter.  It has notes of  oak, allspice and cinnamon, pear skins, golden syrup, sticky toffee. with warming peppery spices.  This release is available via Master of Malt.

What is your top whisky to chase way the winter blues?

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  1. Great list! My other half loves a little whisky so this will come in handy…I had no idea that Jack Daniels do a Winter edition 😉 Thanks for linking up to #dreamteam

  2. Being from Scotland whisky is part and parcel of our culture! My parents have had a whisky at 6pm everyday for as long as I can imagine, and I have to say, I used to have wee sips of it when I was younger and used to take it along to my dad after his day at work. #globalblogging

  3. I’m not a whisky drinker but it sounds like you really know your stuff! #dreamteam

  4. I cant do whiskey thanks to my thirtieth birthday. I ruined it for myself. Thanks for linking up to #globalblogging

  5. I love Jack Daniels but I’ve never had the winter edition! #GlobalBlogging

  6. That Winter Jack looks good.
    I’ve nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award – link is on twitter or facebook. xx

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