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Colourful Valentine’s Day cocktails!

Valentine's Day

Between the ‘Back to School’ ads and just before the Easter Eggs , there is one of my LEAST favourite “commercial” days – Valentine’s Day. The price of flowers goes up, the price of chocolates and champagne goes up and the shops are filled with red and pink hearts and soppy messages. There is so much pressure! With all this commercial pressure, it feels like we loose the important point of just having fun.   And Valentine’s Day should be fun!

A day that you enjoy with friends or with your significant other. This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday. What a perfect excuse to invite some friends over for a lunch and serve fun cocktails. To make it easy, I have tested out a few fun cocktails that are straightforward to make and will amaze your friends or significant other. Have fun on Valentine’s Day. Life is to short for anything else!

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American Pie Valentine’s Day Cocktail

Valentine's Day American pie
I choose the Crown Royal Canadian whisky, but you can use blends like Ballantine’s Finest, Famous Grouse or a blended malt like Monkey Shoulder. The mix of Sour Apple and tart Cranberry juice make a refreshing, fun drink. Garnish with a slice of apple.

Easy to make and affordable, make a huge pitcher and sit back and let everyone help themselves. You can find the American Pie Cocktail recipe here courtesy of Guy Fieri. I replaced the apple liqueur with Tango Sour Apple.

Champagne Bourbon Valentine’s Day cocktail

Valentine's Day Champagne Bourbon
In the spirit of romance, how about a cocktail that combines Champagne with bourbon. It sounds like a crazy combination, but surprisingly, it works quite well. Just like romance, it takes a bit of work to make the vanilla simple syrup, but you can make it ahead of time.

And it is worth the effort! Service in a champagne glass.  You can get the recipe for the Champagne Bourbon Cocktail here.  I used the Woodford Reserve Bourbon to make the cocktail.

Amaretto Cranberry Kiss Valentine’s Day Cocktail

Valentine's Day Amaretto kiss
This relaxed cocktail is perfect for our warm summer. It only takes 4 ingredients. Super easy and quick. The tang of the cranberry juice is softened by the smooth Amaretto.  It is thirst quenching and fun. Add frozen cranberries to cools it down and add a pop of colour. Serve in a cocktail glass over ice and sit back and enjoy.   You can find the recipe for the Amaretto Cranberry Kiss Cocktail here.

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Pomegranate Martini for Valentine’s Day 2016

Valentine's DAy pomogranate martiniWe choose this version of the Pomegranate Martini as it contained gin and not the traditional vodka. It makes a nice change and the dryness from the gin, balances out the pomegranate juice. Another easy cocktail that you can make in a big pitcher and then let your guests help themselves. You can find the recipe for the Pomegranate Martini Cocktail here.

Monster Lagoon Valentine’s Day Cocktails

Valentine's Day Blue LagoonWe experimented a bit as well and came up with this bright blue cocktail that we made quite a few times. We called it a Monster Lagoon cocktail. It is fun to drink and will keep the party going. Combine 30 ml vodka, 30 ml Bols Curaçao, 30 ml Monster Ripper in a shaker and mix. Pour in a glass and top off with some lemonade.

There you have it, Valentines cocktails in many colours. Red, Blue and pink. Two things they have in comment, they are all delicious and fun. Have a fun filled Valentines Day.

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