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Valentine’s Day Personalised

Valentine's Day Personalised Header

Beginning of January, the shops were overflowing with ‘Back to School’ images and advertising. Images of pens, crayons and books line the shelves.  Then the pens make way for pink and red with images of chocolate and hearts.  Yes, it is nearly Valentine’s Day –   again.  The commercialized day of Love.

The one day a year that the retail stores and media tell us to spoil, surprise and pamper our partner.  A commercialized romance day.  Not  my favorite day.  However, I think with all the hype and expectations that are created by advertising around Valentine’s Day, a very important message is lost.  In all the busyness of life, work, kids and goals, we sometimes forget to stand still and really appreciate our partner standing next to us.

I know it is true for my relationship.  John travels a lot and when he returns, there are so many things that need to happen.  Maintenance around the house, time with the little one, catching up with family and friends, groceries…  An endless list of domestic things that needs to happen in the short space of the time that he is home.  We get lost in the domesticated life and fail to stop and appreciated each other.

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Simply appreciating your partner once a year is not really enough to sustain a long term relationship.  You need to stand still frequently to appreciated the other person.    However, it helps if you have  something to remind you, to take the time and look across the room to the other half of the partnership. 

And that is where my Valentine’s Day Personalised list comes in.  When Netflorist (you know I love them when John travels and misses important days) sent me their Valentine’s Day catalogue, I was so surprised with the increase in the number of  personalized items.  Beautiful every day items with a special message on. 

What better way to be reminded about how much someone loves you, when you see that special message on an item you use frequently.  It becomes Valentine’s Day Personalised every day. Herewith my top personalised items from Netflorist that will put a smile on John’s (and my) face. 

Valentine’s Day Personalised

Valentine's Day Personalised list Valentines Day Personalised

1. Personalised Heart Wine

How charming is this bottle of personalized red wine. This gift will make that special person in your life smile. A bottle of red wine (750ml) is branded with a unique heart label design, which is also personalised with the name of the recipient. 

2 Personalised Love of My Life Chocolate Box

You can’t go wrong with Chocolates!  A double wooden crate filled with delicious chocolate treats.  Best of all, the lid is engraved with a unique ‘Love of my life’ design, which is personalised with the name of your love. Add a bunch of flowers and you will be winning big time! Remember… Chocolates pair well with whisky.  🙂 

3. Personalised Double Johnnie Walker Crate

Not 1, but 2 bottles of Johnnie Walker!  Make a loved one feel extra special with this unique and luxurious Whisky gift. A bottle of Johnnie Walker Gold Label and Johnnie Walker Platinum Label is housed in a double wooden booze crate which is engraved with their name, as well as a message.

4. Personalised Moet Imperial Crate

Champagne, after diamonds, is a girls best friend!  This iconic champagne is an absolute treat, so let a loved one enjoy it in style! A bottle of Moët Imperial (750ml) is presented in a wooden crate which is engraved with a name and short message, making this the ultimate celebratory gift.  A perfect Valentine’s Day Personalised.  

5. Personalised Jameson Crate

Spoil the whiskey lover in your life with something Irish that is smooth and delicious! A bottle of Jameson Whiskey (750ml)  is presented in a wooden crate with sliding lid which is engraved with a name and short message for that personal touch.

6. Personalised Love and Romance Wine Glass

Spoil that beautiful someone with a red or white wine glass which is printed with a special ‘Be(you)tiful’ design and is also personalised for that special touch. It’s the perfect gift for any wine lover! Add a bottle of personalised wine and some flowers and you have a winner. 

7. Personalised Monogram Hip Flask

Make his day with this hipflask which is personalised with a unique ‘initials’ monogram design. Add some personalized whisky to the package.  You will always be on his mind with something as personal as this.   

8. Personalised Light My Fire Craft Beer

For the craft lover in your life.  Four bottles of Red Rock Pilsner (340ml), branded with a unique ‘Light my fire’ label which are personalised with a name and message for that special touch.

What is your favourite Netflorist Valentine’s Day Personalised Item?    Have a great Valentine’s Day. 

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  1. Wow!! That’s way more stuff from when I was last on there! Very cool. #lekkerlinky

  2. My husband works in the wine industry so I’m not brave enough to give him wine as a gift! but it often means I’m on the receiving end of a gorgeous bottle of bubbles. We’re not big on Valentine’s Day but we do date night once a month to stay connected.
    I wouldn’t mind that crate of chocolates though, let’s be honest!


  3. Forgot to add #lekkerlinky x_x

  4. We aren’t too big on Valentines, although this makes me want to get into the spirit. Thanks for the awesome ideas!

  5. That’s so true Jeannette, love should be celebrated everyday of the year so I’m quickly going to go give my hubby a hug and remind him how much he means to me and I’ll be back shortly to get some of that Red Rock Pilsner. The hubby is a big fan of craft beer #LekkerLinky

  6. #lekkerlinky
    I will have one of each please and two of the chocolates 🙂

  7. My husband likes whiskey, though we’re not big drinkers by any means. I was just wondering what to get him for Valentines day, so these ideas are great!! Chocolates for me please <3


  8. A Personalised Love of My Life Chocolate Box? Um , yes please! 😁😋
    We don’t do Valentines Day; I much prefer being spoilt with gifts and surprises by my guy all year round. I do love these gift ideas though, and I don’t think anyone would mind receiving them at any time, not just 14 Feb. #LekkerLinky

  9. We not really big on celebrating Valentine’s Day. Although these are some great ideas. Hubs would definitely love the choccies as he has a sweet tooth and he drinks Jameson. #Lekkerlinky

  10. I like number 7 – the flask, because it’s old school 🙂 Great ideas for Valentine’s Day this.

  11. This is really special, I LOVE personalised gifts. What awesome ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Those are awesome gift ideas! I love it! Thanks for sharing!

    • Jeannette Wentzel

      I have tasted the Rock Oyster 18 yo and it was AMAZING. A spectacular dram! Good luck.

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