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Whisky and Gouda with Cumin Pairing

Whisky and Gouda cheese pairing

About 2 weeks ago, I blogged about a Mature Gouda and Highland Whisky pairing. We tried the mature Gouda with various Highland Whiskies as well as with a Dutch Whisky. The 8 yo Millstone French Oak whisky was a great companion to the mature Gouda. To my surprise, the Tomatin 12 yo also made a good pairing. Besides the Mature Gouda, I also picked up a Gouda with Cumin cheese from the Gestam range at Checkers Cheese World.

I decided to try the Gouda with Cumin with the same Highland whiskies to see if the results would be similar.  The Gouda with Cumin is a young cheese only aged for about 4 weeks and flavoured with whole cumin seeds.

This Gouda  had a rich butter taste spiced with whole cumin seeds. Cumin adds an earthy and warming feeling and has a nutty flavour. As this Gouda with Cumin was not aged, it did not have the small crystals and stronger aroma that the mature Gouda had.

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Millstone French Oak Whisky and Gouda with Cumin Pairing

Millstone French Oak Whisky & Gouda with Cumin Pairing Whisky and Gouda
First I tried it with the Millstone French Oak whisky.  My tasting notes included woody spices with subtle notes of fresh flowers, hints of cinnamon, cloves, ginger and barley.  There was some biscuit sweetness in the background.  This Dutch whisky and Gouda with Cumin pairing was wonderful.

The Gouda made the Millstone whisky sweeter and the whisky sweetness balanced the spicy cumin. The 8 yo made the Gouda creamy smooth and it was a great pairing. I gave this Millstone French Oak whisky and Gouda with Cumin pairing a RATING: 4/5.

Macallan 15 yo Whisky and Gouda with Cumin Pairing

Macallan 15 yo Whisky & Gouda with Cumin Pairing Whisky and Gouda
Next up was the Macallan 15 yo. My tasting notes for the Macallan included notes of oak, rich fruit, floral notes, vanilla sweetness and a medium finish. The Macallan 15 has a nice body and I gave it a Rating: Excellent. When I tried it with the Mature Gouda it was a tolerable pairing.

However, this Macallan 15 yo and Gouda with Cumin pairing worked wonderfully. The spices and the creaminess in the Gouda brought out more oak and fruity notes in the whisky.  The Macallan enriched the Gouda and made it even more creamy and delicious.   I gave this Gouda Whisky pairing a RATING: 4/5.

I also tried the Gouda with Cumin pairing with the Tomatin 12 yo. This  combination worked OK, but compared to how well the Tomatin worked with the mature Gouda pairing, it was nothing spectacular. I gave it a Rating: 3/5.

I tried the Gouda with Cumin with the  Highland Park 18 yo and the Glendronach 16 yo. This whisky and Gouda pairing did not work at all. I gave it a Rating: 1/5. You tasted whisky, you tasted cheese, there was no interaction or enriching of the whisky and Gouda.

It was interesting to try both the mature and the younger Gouda with the Highland whiskies. The combinations gave me  wonderful inspiration for a cheese board and now I have an excuse to try some of our less often drunk whiskies again.

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  1. I am learning that whisky goes with anything. Thanks for for sharing.

  2. You have such interesting post ideas. Do you come up with all these pairings and recipes on your own? My palate is nowhere near sophisticated enough to be able to discuss these type of pairing in enough detail to post about them. I’m in awe of your abilty!

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