Classic whisky Daniel Wellington

A few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to choose a Daniel Wellington watch. I have not worn a watch in 10 years, but when I saw the beautiful lines of these watches, I changed my mind. The watch I chose was named “Classic Durham”. It has an eggshell white face and an elegant light brown leather strap. Best of all, it is ultra thin and does not bother me during the day. The Daniel Wellington designs are classic, simple and crisp.  You can showcase your personal style through the choice of silver or rose gold faces.  They also have a great variety of both leather and NATO interchangeable straps.

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Daniel wellington Strap colours

This got me thinking, what makes a classic? A Chanel jacket, pearls or a Hermes bag is unquestionably classic. A few old cars and a select number of novels will also qualify. Wikipedia defined a classic as “an outstanding example of a particular style; something of lasting worth or with a timeless quality; …”. But what would define a classic whisky?

Are the Diageo Classic Malts of Scotland really Classics? Is whisky a personal taste and a classic whisky only in the eye of the beholder?  What would be a classic whisky for me and how would I measure it?   I came across an article of the Italian writer Italo Calvino, who in his 1991 book, Why Read the Classics?, defined what makes classic literature. I chose a few points and modified them slightly to define, what for me, will be a classic dram.

  1. The classics are those drams where you replace your bottle over and over.
  2. A classic whisky is that whisky which constitute a treasured experience;
  3. A classic whisky is a dram, which, after each re-taste, offers as much of a sense of discovery as the first taste.
  4. ‘Your’ classic dram is a whisky to which you cannot remain indifferent and which helps you define yourself in relation or even in opposition to it.

I don’t think that classic necessarily translate to bestselling or expensive. Or has the biggest marketing budget. A classic is also not something that is over a certain age. Just looking at the Classic Malts of Diageo, the oldest one is the 16 yo Lagavulin. Definitely not close to the more prized 30 or 40 yo’s that collectors love.

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Classic whisky & a Daniel Wellington Watch

So, as I look at the time passing on my beautiful Daniel Wellington Classic Durham and sip on a smooth rich whisky, below my list of classic drams.

Daniel Wellington Watch and Classic whisky

  1. Bunnahabhain 18 yo – this full-bodied dram reminds me of special people, special times and a special place. Every time I drink it, I am transported back. It reminds me of treasured traditions and celebrated milestones.
  2. Ardbeg 10 yo – My first venture into peat and smoke and a reminder of wonderful family times high in the South African mountains. Time and time again, I find a new aroma to please my senses. Sometime it is peat, sometimes it is sweet.  It is always pleasing and delicious!
  3. Johnnie Walker Black – Wherever you travel in the world, you are guaranteed to always come across a Johnnie Walker Black.  Consistent, smoky rich, in Europe, India or the USA, a consistent, warming dram. Widely available and a reminder of airports, fun travel companions and exciting adventures.
  4. Ballantines Finest – The bottle I keep on replacing over and over, because it makes me smile every time I drink it.  The smooth fruity notes intermingling with the peat and smoke is in perfect balance. This release was launched around 1910 and have gone from strength to strength.
  5. Glenlivet 12 yo – The whisky that “converted” me from blended whisky to Single Malts and to which I cannot remain indifferent.  The rich cinnamon, oak and barley notes brightens my day.  It changed how I drink and appreciate whisky and made me look at the rich golden liquid in a new light.

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For each of us, it will be different. For me, the cognac coloured strap and Swedish minimalist watch face, is classic beauty. It fits with who I am and helps me to define myself better.  Perhaps the Red or Blue NATO strap define classic for you.  Just look at the beauties!  Best of all  I have a 15% off PROMO code when you when you order from Daniel Wellington online.  Classic at a WIN WIN price.

Daniel Wellington watch and Classic whisky

Disclaimer:  I received this watch from Daniel Wellington.