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How to pair Pizza and Whisky this weekend!

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Some time ago I found the National Day Calendar that lists all the National Days celebrated in the USA.  O my word!  It has been a fabulous source of inspiration.  There are monthly observations listed, daily celebrations and even National Week observations.  The month of March is National Peanut Month, Umbrella Month, Frozen Food Month and Celery Month. 

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My Top 5 Whisky Food pairings

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I capture my whisky tastings in a pretty notebook. I love the act of scribbling notes, pictures and drawing emotions on paper. Sometimes a whisky create such strong emotions what it is easier to draw an emotive face on paper than to try and capture the emotion words. Old school, I know. John loves technology and he captures his thoughts via speech recognition software. Perhaps I also prefer paper because paper does not complain about my bad spelling. Capturing my thoughts digitally leaves me with a lot of red underlined miss spelt words that I first need to fix before I can continue. My pretty book is more forgiving. My short hand doesn’t need to be spelt correctly.

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Lets try a Rye and Milk Chocolate pairing

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What a tough job I have.  Trying out whisky and chocolate pairings so that I have something to blog about.  Dirty job, I know.  Last year introduced me to Rye whisky. Jim Murray choose a Canadian Crown Royal Rye whisky as his Whisky of the Year and the world sat up and noticed.  It sparked interest here too and I started looking around for more rye whiskies. Mainly to see what all the fuss was about.  It turns out, I actually like Rye whiskies.  There is a a spicy yumminess to a Rye that is different from a bourbon. 

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Salad with a Ballantine’s Salad dressing

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Week 4 of 2017.  Keeping with New Years resolutions and healthy living, I tried out a delicious salad last week. My goal is not only to eat healthier, but to also incorporate more whisky into my life.  And what better way to achieve both goals by eating a healthy salad paired with a drop or 2 (3) of whisky.   How does Bacon, Broccoli, Butternut and Ballantine’s salad sound?

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Whisky Chocolate pairing 2017 Edition

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Welcome 2017!  The end of an old year and a new beginning.  For me, 2017 started with a bang. Or rather the sound of a small firework war as the neighbourhood set off (illegal)  firework after firework.  I stood  on the patio, with a view of the horizon, while watching hundreds of fireworks greet the New Year.  My poor dogs were dozed up on Rescue Remedy and sleeping soundly.  The noisy fireworks woke my 5 yo, who also joined me for the free display. But before all the colorful and noisy fireworks, we had a few taste explosions of our own.

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