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New: Daniel Wellington Classic Petite + PROMO CODE

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Since its discovery about 5 000 years ago, silver has been regarded as valuable. This shiny precious metal, first mined in Turkey, have continued to mesmerize human beings over time. It was easily mined, fairly plentiful and non reactive enough to use as coinage, but rare enough to have, and keep, its value. Silver is ductile and can be stretched into a strand thinner than a human hair.  It is malleable and loved by artists for its ability to be shaped into amazing art.

Even today, silver still has a special allure. Silver and silver compounds are used in various applications such as solar panels, water filtration, high-value tableware and utensils photographic film and X-rays, disinfectants and other medical instruments.

Pure silver is too soft for products like jewelry and tableware, so the valuables around today are most likely sterling silver, an alloy of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper.

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A special characteristic of silver is that it is shiny.  Silver can achieve the most brilliant luster of any metal.  And it is this feature that continues to make it popular in jewelry.  It is this trait that makes it timeless! Us humans like shiny things! 

When Daniel Wellington brought out their new range of watches in metal colour, my heart melted. The Range is called Classic Petit!   The gorgeous Daniel Wellington Sterling design stole my heart. And then I saw their accessories and the matching silver colour cuff.  Elegant, shiny and minimalistic, the perfect pairing with the Daniel Wellington Sterling watch.  See here how beautiful the watch and the cuff pair.

Daniel Wellington is the Swedish watch brand started by Filip Tysander in 2011.  Daniel Wellington became well known for their colourful NATO straps, but as trends change, they brought in leather straps and now the metal colours. There is the rose gold colour and the silver colour.   The Daniel Wellington watches are stylish and modern with a minimalistic feel.  The straps are interchangeable.  And best of all, they are affordable. 

With silver on my heart, I went to see what other special silver things I can find to pair this gorgeous Daniel Wellington Sterling watch with. 

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Daniel Wellington Sterling  paired with Silver

DAniel Wellington sterling Silver magic Daniel Wellington Sterling

1. Eddu Silver Sherry Cask Finish

A whisky from the heart of Brittany in France. Something very different, this whisky is made with buckwheat.  The Eddu Silver Sherry Cask was initially matured in a Cognac barrel before moving into a cask that previously held Pedro Ximénez. It has notes of plum, sherry sweetness, orange peel, fruit and honey. 

2. Château de Montifaud XO Silver Cognac

Montifaud XO Silver Cognac from Château de Montifaud, made exclusively using eaux-de-vie from the Petite Champagne region of Cognac. Château de Montifaud have been making Cognac for over 150 years.  This special cognac has notes of earthy vanilla and demerara sugar, soft dried apricot, orange and spiced cake.

3. Jack Daniel’s Silver Select

A gorgeous Tennessee whiskey from Jack Daniel’s, it has plenty of rich sweetness with notes of custard apples, banana and caramel, balanced with stewed fruit, citrus, black pepper and toasted oak.  Lots of complexity and simply delicious. Each barrel is aged in a different location within the warehouse for better maturation.  

4. Patrón Silver

A top quality silver tequila from Patrón. This tequila is fresh, crisp and very well rounded, with a touch of oak in the palate. Each bottle is bottled by hand, signed and numbered.  There are notes of soft nutmeg and pepper spices, lime, burnt sugar and butterscotch.


Silver has charmed people for centuries and became timeless.  Now you can also own a piece of timeless beauty.  I have a PROMO CODE when you order from Daniel Wellington online. PROMO CODE: WHISKY. Go and take a look at the beautiful items they have and spoil yourself. Perhaps you also fall in love with the Daniel Wellington Sterling colour and cuff. Promo code valid until end of May 17. And the shipping is FREE.  

Save 15% when you order with the Whisky of the Week PROMO CODE – WHISKY

Disclaimer: I got given this Daniel Wellington Sterling watch and cuff from Daniel Wellington.

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  1. Nice timekeeper there! Love it! #GlobalBlogging Really, thinner than a human hair! Amazing. One thing I noticed with our own silver is that we can clean it with toothpaste. Go figure! #Globalblogging

  2. Ah they look nice watches! lucky you! #DreamTeam

  3. There is always such a grace to your posts! You imagination and creativity is amazing… That watch is gorgeous, enjoy wearing it! I myself wouldn’t mind a taste of that Silver Tequila…. 🙂 Thank you for sharing with us Jeanette!

    • Jeannette Wentzel

      Thank you for your kind words Jacqui. Good luck on your last couple of week before baby.

  4. I love silver pieces, and these look gorgeous. How clever of you to pair them with different whiskies! I don’t think anyone could have done it better than you. Thank you for sharing with the #dreamteam

    • Jeannette Wentzel

      You are a star Annette. Thank you for the visit.

  5. You make whisky look so lovely!! Thanks for sharing with #GlobalBlogging

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