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Balvenie Triple Cask 16 yo Whisky

Balvenie triple cask 16 yo header

One of the best things for me about whisky is the opportunity to open it celebrate something special.   Opening a new bottle and discover something different and exciting.  You create memories when you open a bottle to celebrate a special occasion. Months later, when you opening up that bottle again, you are immediately reminded you of what you have achieved and celebrated.  

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A unique expression – The Balvenie Peated Cask

The Balvenie Peated Cask 17 yo Single malt whisky

On the 5th of July, the British Queen presented the Balvenie’s Malt Master David Stewart with his MBE medal.  This was in honour of his services to the Scotch whisky industry. Spending 54 years in the whisky industry, he is the longest-serving Malt Master in the world. What an amazing achievement!  This achievement was celebrated world-wide by #RaiseaDram with people around the world drinking and tweeting about it with the hashtag.

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Top 5 Drams for a cold winter night

Top 5 winter whiskiesA cold front is sweeping over South Africa. Temperatures have fallen dramatically and all thoughts of hot summer days have been eliminated by the rain, cold wind and dreary weather. The days are short and it gets dark early. There is more rain predicted for some parts and even a bit more snow expected.

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Tropical Dreams: The Balvenie Caribbean Cask

Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14 yo single malt whisky

This is one of those bottles that we have to urgently review before we finish it. When we find great chocolate we want to pair with whisky, this is often one of the first bottles we grab. Likewise when looking for a whisky to pair with soft cheese, this bottle regularly come to mind. Only when looking back on our whisky and food posts and tasting notes, did I realize, just how much we relied on the Balvenie Caribbean Cask for its fruity notes. According to some research, The Balvenie Caribbean Cask was launched to mark the 50th anniversary of David Stewart joining the Balvenie distillery.

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Ile de France Brie cheese and whisky pairing

Brie cheese whisky pairing

After a relaxing holiday, 2016 started with  new opportunities.  And a chance to try out more whisky and cheese pairings. During December 2015, Checkers brought out a  new cheese brochure, which I read from end to end. It had all kinds of amazing cheese ideas and I kept it for further inspiration. The front page had a picture of the cutest little Ile de France Brie cheeses. You might say that Brie cheese should not be described as cute, but when you see these little delicate Ile de France morsels, you would agree.

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